Definitions and meanings of "Want"

What do we mean by want?

To have a strong feeling to have (something); wish (to possess or do something); desire greatly: synonym: desire. intransitive verb

To desire (someone to do something). intransitive verb

To request the presence or assistance of. intransitive verb

To seek with intent to capture. intransitive verb

To have an inclination toward; like. intransitive verb

To be obliged (to do something). intransitive verb

To be in need of; require. intransitive verb

To be without; lack. intransitive verb

To be inclined or desirous; wish. intransitive verb

The condition or quality of lacking something usual or necessary. noun

Pressing need; destitution. noun

Something desired. noun

A defect of character; a fault. noun

To be in need of. phrasal verb

To desire greatly to enter. phrasal verb

To wish to join a project, business, or other undertaking. phrasal verb

To desire greatly to leave. phrasal verb

To wish to leave a project, a business, or other undertaking. phrasal verb

A desire, wish, longing.

(often followed by of) Lack, absence.


Something needed or desired; a thing of which the loss is felt.

A depression in coal strata, hollowed out before the subsequent deposition took place.

Desire or wish for possession or presence of something  Urban Dictionary

Synonomous with need  Urban Dictionary

According to Jason Parks (writer at Baseball Prospectus), #want is the manifestation of human desire and physical yield; when the yearning for perfection becomes visible to the naked eye.  Urban Dictionary

A strong, uncontrollable desire for someone sexually.  Urban Dictionary

The coolest of the cool. Only the most popular, buffest, funniest and best looking can obtain this title. It's an honor to be referred to with this pronoun.  Urban Dictionary

To feel a desire or urge for something; to feel a lust toward.  Urban Dictionary

A discrete way to ask for actions pertaining to sexual intercourse.  Urban Dictionary

An overwhelming feeling of sexual attraction for another person. Usually defined by increased heart rate, heat in erogenous zones and occasional staring and sweating. Can manifest itself with alcoholic beverage consumption, appropriate music, dinner or clever conversation. Can occur in a single individual but is most often enjoyed with a minimum of two willing participants.  Urban Dictionary

Have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.  Urban Dictionary

To show extreme distaste for or to not want  Urban Dictionary

The word "want" in example sentences

How to use want in a sentence? Example sentences with the want, a sentence example for want, and how to make want in sample sentence, how do I use the word want in a sentence? How do you spell want in a sentence?

May 27, 2008 at 11:39 am dis mai 3rd day ov gibben up skwrlz……gotta hab wun…..want want want……. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Oh, you mean he doesn't ***really*** want to follow God's Law, but wants to do what all fundagelicals do, and pretend that God's Law is what ever bits of the Bible they *want* to follow, while insisting Jesus, in obviously one of his "unpublished" works, overturned the bits they don't? ❋ Howard M. Friedman (2008)

I want Atlantis to *want* something, to be about something, to have something to say to me. ❋ Hth_the_first (2006)

“That's what I'd sign up for,” he said, explaining he'd want to defend the right “to learn and think what you want” as Canadians have now taken as a birthright. ❋ Unknown (2006)

And the irony for me is, now that he actually does something that makes me want to boycott his films, he goes and puts out a movie I actually * want* to see this summer. ❋ Unknown (2005)

In the world I want to see, not only would women have complete freedom to choose abortion, those who *want* to carry to term would be supported–in meaningful ways, ie financial support, affordable childcare, etc. ❋ Unknown (2005)

 This individual would not want any interaction, as he did not want  interaction on a one-to-one basis. ❋ Michaud, S G & Aynesworth H (1989)

Each individual perceived some want in his neighbor, and forthwith proceeded to supply this want, _charging just as much for the thing supplied as the desire for the article or his need of it would force the person supplied to pay; without reference to the equitable price, estimated with respect to the labor bestowed in supplying the want_. ❋ Various (N/A)

They can then consult their own wishes in the matter, they can have intercourse whenever they want and _the way they want_. ❋ William J. Robinson (N/A)

Really know what you want as a home, _want it_, and you can work out any scheme, provided you have intelligence, patience and perseverance. ❋ Grace Wood (N/A)

And _we want the same as you want_, i.e. _to be free citizens of our own state_. ❋ Vladim��r Nosek (1929)

I only want to know—I want to know—— I want——” He stopped. ❋ Unknown (1918)

I only want to know two things -- first, do you _want_ success, and, second, will you work for it? ❋ Unknown (1918)

I want her to _want_ me -- and she doesn't one little bit! ❋ Angela Brazil (1907)

It makes me want to _do_ something -- to _risk_ something, to want to _want_ something more than I've ever learned to want. ❋ Harry Leon Wilson (1903)

All I want is a little gratitude from you -- ah, no, I cannot say that is all I _want_. ❋ Unknown (1901)

Now, Hyacinth, when people know what they want -- really _want_ something acutely and definitely -- and don't get it, I can pity them. ❋ Ada Leverson (1897)

I'm too proud to go back on that now, _far_ too proud; you can keep the money if you want to, or you can give me some of it if you _want_ to. ❋ Lily Dougall (1890)

"The last thing I tell you," she said, "the thing I want you to remember, is this, that, though I do not care -- I _want_ to care." ❋ Richard Harding Davis (1890)

I want to marry Marion Wolton -- I _want_ to make _her my wife! ❋ Clyde Fitch (1887)

[I cannot] change what [I want] [unless] I want to. ❋ Yorrick Hunt (2008)

I want a new [Range], [therefore], I need to [get it] ❋ Saneshia (2007)

Kevin: He was at the ballpark at [9 AM] for a [7 PM] game taking cuts [in the cage]. Jason: #want right there. ❋ Point9er (2012)

You can tell by his [giant] [woody], that he "wants on" [Mary]. ❋ Drewpooh1987 (2008)

[Oh my god] [you're right]! He's definitely a WaNtEd, I wish i could be as [cool as] him ❋ WaNtEdAmErIcAn (2010)

Child: "I want a [sticker]!" Dad: "And I want $[1,000,000]." *[Punts] child* ❋ Mongooose (2009)

Person 1: [Want]? Person 2: Sure, [sounds] like [a good time]. ❋ Coulterr24 (2019)

"After the [conversation] I had with that [hot chick], I got hit with the wantness [real bad]." ❋ Caelifer (2010)

[I want you] ❋ Mennäperille (2019)

Tom- [i am] going to make [your asshole] [sore] Kyle- not want! ❋ Rawr Rawr And More Rawr (2008)

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