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Hyphenation war ble
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Definitions and meanings of "Warble"

What do we mean by warble?

The sound of one who warbles; singing with trills or modulations.

In naval mine warfare, the process of varying the frequency of sound produced by a narrowband noisemaker to ensure that the frequency to which the mine will respond is covered.

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The word "warble" in example sentences

They were jubilant that they'd caught somebody, but I couldn't tell if the warble was a victory salute or a sign of even worse things to come. ❋ McNab, Andy (1993)

Perceiving that we are watching him the grosbeak ceases his ringing tones and drops into that dreamy, soft, melodious warble, which is characteristic of this songster as it is of the catbird. ❋ Frederick John Lazell (1905)

I address my comment to you as I understand what "warble" was trying to say. ❋ Unknown (2004)

When he tastes the plum he utters a series of _ahs_, and produces a kind of warble by prolonging some of his notes and shortening up others. ❋ Various (N/A)

As Old Blue Eyes used to warble, "If you should survive to a hundred and five, look at all you'll derive out of being alive." ❋ Peter Davis (2012)

As we warble about tidings of comfort and joy, we have cause to consider if we are all doing enough to bring such lyrics to life. ❋ M.D. David Katz (2011)

And, could also make a warble, that was a bit more complex. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Hearing Bobby Brady warble "The Little Drummer Boy" was almost too much -- the real icing on the cake. ❋ Miranda Levenstein (2011)

It began to warble, and a regular waveform began to scroll across the screen. ❋ David A. McIntee (2011)

Lights and warning sirens and warble tones and all that going off. ❋ Ron Rosenbaum (2011)

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What does warble mean?

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