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A ward heeler is an American urban political operative who works for a political party in a political ward, the smallest electoral subdivision of a city, usually in order to achieve an election result. A ward heeler may have controlling influence with a small clique in the ward organization. Often, ward heelers have been low-level operatives soliciting votes and performing campaign tasks on behalf of a political boss, including get-out-the-vote efforts, placing campaign signage, coordination of constituent support, etc. In many urban areas, ward heelers also serve as precinct captains. The term originated during the period of machine politics around the turn of the 20th century, when powerful political machines in major cities run by political bosses, such as the Tammany Hall organization in New York City, used corruption, such as graft and patronage to maintain their power. So "ward heeler" has the connotation of a corrupt political operative. As integral players in the "spoils system", ward heelers were often both recipients and distributors of patronage, illegal benefits from the political machine. Examples of illegal acts which a ward heeler might do include tearing down an opposition party's posters or paying constituents for their votes. In return for his services the ward heeler was often given a sinecure job, such as in the city's civil service, which was controlled by the organization..

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  • a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public ends noun

The word "ward-heeler" in example sentences

"It's an anachronism dating back to the old ward-heeler, patronage-based operation.". [Chicago Mayor Trashes Politics of Waste Removal]

Forty-seven years and no real employment record except as a ward-heeler in Cook County.. [On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...]

Not if one wishes to be considered a statesman instead of a small-time ward-heeler.. [McCain's Last Campaign Stand: Christopher Hitchens]

But Smith was rather too exotic in a number of ways, with his New York accent and his ward-heeler air.. [People Before Prophets]

The Foley affair has been particularly vexing for House Speaker Dennis Hastert — a politician in the Tammany Hall ward-heeler mode that only 19th-century political cartoonist Thomas Nast could have dreamed up.. [The President's Delicate Condition]

Telling half-truths and sowing confusion is the realm of the ward-heeler, not the servant.. [Think For Yourself]

WOODWARD: Well, I suspect, I don't know, but if you look at this, that Novak got his sources to come forward to the prosecutor and say, yes, we told this to Novak, but we did not know she was an undercover person at all, and that Novak has written that he used the word "operative" because that's something he frequently uses to describe any kind of ward-heeler or politician.. [CNN Transcript Jul 11, 2005]

A ward-heeler cadging votes for a Milwaukee alderman never wheedled more gingerly.. [The Ivory Trail]

I guess I've been what you might call kind of an assistant boss pretty much all my life; at least, ever since I could vote; and I was something of a ward-heeler even before that.. [In the Arena Stories of Political Life]

If you tried to vote some ward-heeler would challenge you and you'd like as not be hauled off to the lock-up.. [Bunker Bean]

Alvord, and one or two hulking, mustachioed citizens of the ward-heeler type.. [Double Trouble Or, Every Hero His Own Villain]

In the thick of it he seemed to see the ward-heeler standing at his bedside and beating furiously upon a huge. [The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush]

"They've got my number," said the ward-heeler, in a convict whisper which was little more than a facial contortion.. [The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush]

A big-time ward-heeler, myself, I am more than disappointed in this administration: I am now watching the Obama surge of voters disappear and preparing to get wiped-out in countywide and statewide elections as much by my own lawyer-ridden party establishment as by the GOP.. [The New Republic - All Feed]

Even my local councillor, Adam Vaughan, who is a really good ward-heeler and a very bright guy, joined the chorus about 10 days ago, though he described his throwing of Mr. Pantalone under the bus and endorsement of Mr. Smitherman as more of "a frank and realistic look at the way the polls are breaking…you have to fight the election you're dealt, not the one you want.". [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

He is Carter II four days in ... a micro-managing, petty grudge-carrier showing his Chicago political ward-heeler roots.. [Latest Articles]

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@peterdaou [email protected] is a Democrat in name only. If anything he's worse than the treacherous old ward-heeler t…


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