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The word "washington" in example sentences

It calls to question whether he believes the system in washington is broken or he just said it in order to receive votes.. [Blitzer: Could John Edwards finally pick a candidate?]

Heck, Baucus is a big part of the problem why we can not get anything done in washington, he is a traitor to the american people.. [Baucus to make major announcement just after noon]

September 15th, 2009 10: 36 am ET the arrogance in washington ... arrogance that exists on BOTH sides of the aisle. of course, CNN won't post this ... mostly because it is a reasonable post, and isn't the usual partisan garbage they post.. [Congressman says some people aren't worth peeing on]

It's about time someone in washington had some nads to stand up instead of bowing.. [Congress overwhelmingly approves Iran resolutions]

Much of the problems in washington are due to the politics that republicans like lindsey graham play.. [Graham: Dems engaging in 'seedy Chicago politics']

I wanna go to my friends house in washington dc over a long weekend in november me and her will go there over Veterans day weekend day weekend to hangout we are not boyfriend and girlfriend so i was wondering how can me and her get from lee ma to washington dc where her house is without flying?. [From Lee | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

August 21st, 2009 6: 23 pm ET at least president obama is actually spending time in washington dc. unlike george w bush i think i read someplace he spent 60% of the time he was in office over 8 yrs down in texas. hope he has a good much needed vacation.. [On Obama's agenda next week: Golf]

The fact that he is much younger and is only a junior senator would severely limit the list … .. more time in washington = better resume.. [Would someone plz post an Accomplishments BIO of OBama as I am of Hillary? « Classroom Literacy « Literacy Help « Literacy News]

These guys get elected, get to know all the special interests in washington, then leave for the private sector so they can make more money.. [First on the CNN Ticker: Florida senator to resign seat]

Not for a higher job in washington or anything like that, she just quit.. [Steele: 'Wait to see' what Palin does]

It seems to me that these politicians (including thee TOP DOG) don't care what they sell as long as they can stay in washington and LINE THEIR OWN POCKETS at the expense of us (John Q Public – the tax payers).. [Top Dem aide: 'Significant policy issues' could still derail deal]

This is part of the problem with the new regime in washington its ok to have an opinion if it its theirs but if it is opposed to the left, it is "fishy" or "mob mentality" or better yet like MRS Clinton used to say "the right wing conspricy". it is always interesting .... [First on the CNN Ticker: Florida senator to resign seat]

Its nice to see that compromise in washington usually means taking the worst ideas from both sides and muddling together some junk.. [Sebelius: There will be competition with private insurers]

TOD in lake washington is not an issue so there's nothing verboten about putting rail on 520.. [There is No Plan for that Corridor « PubliCola]

Shouldn't you be in washington trying to figure out how to fix our MASSIVE DEFECIT instead of trying to spend more?. [President Obama heads back to familiar city]

December 23rd, 2009 8: 50 am ET time for the crooks in washington to go, especially that vote buyer Reid. southerncousin. [Best government money can buy]

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