Character 5
Hyphenation watch
Pronunciations /wɒt͡ʃ/

Definitions and meanings of "Watch"

What do we mean by watch?

To look or observe attentively or carefully; be closely observant. intransitive verb

To look and wait expectantly or in anticipation. intransitive verb

To act as a spectator; look on. intransitive verb

To stay awake at night while serving as a guard, sentinel, or watcher. intransitive verb

To stay alert as a devotional or religious exercise; keep vigil. intransitive verb

To look at steadily; observe carefully or continuously. intransitive verb

To guard, keep surveillance on, or spy on. intransitive verb

To observe the course of mentally; keep up on or informed about. intransitive verb

To pay close attention to or be careful about, especially with regard to propriety. intransitive verb

To tend or take care of (a flock or children, for example). synonym: tend. intransitive verb

The act or process of keeping awake or mentally alert, especially for the purpose of guarding. noun

The act of observing closely or the condition of being closely observed; surveillance. noun

A period of close observation, often in order to discover something. noun

A person or group of people serving, especially at night, to guard or protect. noun

The post or period of duty of a guard, sentinel, or watcher. noun

Any of the periods into which the night is divided; a part of the night. noun

Any of the periods of time, usually four hours, into which the day aboard ship is divided and during which a part of the crew is assigned to duty. noun

The members of a ship's crew on duty during a specific watch. noun

A portable or wearable timepiece.

The act of guarding and observing someone or something.

A particular time period when guarding is kept.

A person or group of people who guard.

The post or office of a watchman; also, the place where a watchman is posted, or where a guard is kept.

A group of sailors and officers aboard a ship or shore station with a common period of duty: starboard watch, port watch.

A period of time on duty, usually four hours in length; the officers and crew who tend the working of a vessel during the same watch. (FM 55–501).

The act of seeing, or viewing, for a period of time.

Something u wear on ur arm that tells u the time. Urban Dictionary

Something on your wrist to tell the time Urban Dictionary

If you have "a watch," it's to have a group of people watching or surveilling you. Urban Dictionary

1. an item a douchebag who knows the time owns. 2. faggots where watches in order to show that they have so much money, they can waste it on tacky ugly useless shit like shiny watches. They like to call attention to these watches by making a scene about having to "TAKE OFF MY 5000 WATCH BEFORE I PUT MY HAND CREAM ON!" so that they can later jerk off to old men shoving hot pink decorative dildos up each others ass holes. Urban Dictionary

Something said right before a person does something amazingly stupid. Urban Dictionary

The process of becoming a watch Urban Dictionary

Famous last words. Urban Dictionary

Phrase, generally used in a sarcastic tone, used to exaggerate something's distance, location or someone's profession. It is often accompanied by the term "like". Less popularly, it may be used in several other contexts which are deemed appropriate at the time. Urban Dictionary

A period of time aboard vessels in which a person must stand as a lookout, or be in command of the ship, usually in 4-hour shifts. Urban Dictionary

Watchful means exactly that, watching someone like a hawk. Urban Dictionary

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The word "watch" in example sentences

In a man-of-war, and in some merchantmen, this alternation of watches is kept up throughout the twenty-four hours; but our ship, like most merchantmen, had “all hands” from twelve o’clock till dark, except in bad weather, when we had “watch and watch. ❋ Unknown (1909)

If a watch, it can be said, "Your friends are growing a little suspicious of you, and, after due deliberation, they have determined to a place _a watch_ upon you." ❋ William Pittenger (1872)

When a spy was sent from Ghadames to watch the Shânbah and their approaches round the country, on the eve of my departure from that place, people went up a ruined tower, situated on a high ground, and apparently built specially for the purpose, _to watch_ the return of the spy. ❋ James Richardson (1828)

~ where got real ... already said its fictional, how can be real. haben watch and dun intend to watch~ its NOT as great as its hyped while it can be some sort of a transition fun if theres nothing much else keen to go for at the moment or simply out of personal interest ❋ Ruhuaa (2009)

-- _A Narrative, etc. _, by W. Bligh, 1790, pp. 23, 24.] {100} [121] [ "[As] our lodgings were very miserable and confined, I had only in my power to remedy the latter defect, by putting ourselves _at watch and watch_; so that _one half_ always sat up, while the other half ❋ George Gordon Byron Byron (1806)

Other friend, seeing the watch for the first time, sans time display: "* knocks on watch* ❋ Unknown (2008)

It is probable that the term watch was given to each of these divisions, from the practice of placing sentinels around the camp in time of war, or in cities, to watch or guard the camp or city, and that they were at first relieved three times in the night, but under the Romans four times. ❋ Unknown (1949)

If you dont know the term watch the movie speechless. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Do you really think that simply being in possession of this watch is the reason they are at Guantanamo? ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the Lost world, a watch is almost useless, and the calendar strictly a suggestion. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The only good reason to watch is to see how they say it, to get a read on them as flesh-and-blood individuals under pressure. ❋ Unknown (2008)

There's a crime to be solved and secrets to be spilled, but the real reason to watch is to see if Waite gets to tell his son goodnight. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Brian Gibson on The Rules of the Game: "Perhaps the best reason to watch is to watch again - from De Chesnaye (Marcel Dalio), the cavalier hypocrite-king of the master-class, to Christine (Nora Gregor), that apple-eating temptress whom courtiers blame even as they pursue, there's too much to take in at one sitting with this satirical feast." ❋ Unknown (2007)

Indeed, the watch is a symbol of stress for many people. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The display on my watch is analog, and I find that to be a more humane way of representing time: each hand of the watch indicates the present moment by relating the present to the past and to the future. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Stacy has suggested that many times the best way to watch is to turn subtitles on and have the Japanese audio track running. ❋ Unknown (2003)

He then speaks of the minute members which compose the beautiful and intelligent little animal which we call the watch, and of how it has gradually been evolved from the clumsy brass clocks of the thirteenth century. ❋ Unknown (2003)

One issue that has come up and that is our ability to distribute to your law enforcement agencies what we call the watch list. ❋ Unknown (2001)

We have a high tree on the highest part of the island which we call our watch-tree, and from the top thereof we can see far over the seas, but we find no appearance of breaking up yet. ❋ Anonymous (N/A)

But after all, a watch is a watch and my watch disappeared just as your secretary walked out of the room . ❋ Unknown (1933)

Person 1:[What time is it] [Person 2]: [Let me check] my watch ❋ A Casualty Of Heartbreak (2005)

i have a [new] watch ❋ Sharks28 (2016)

I've got [a million] [dollar] watch and they [don't even] know it. ❋ Thatradtallguy (2020)

bob - Hey dude lets jerk off together while we watch this hot porn we bought yesterday! dan - yeah sure! FIRST let me take off my million dollar [tacky] ass watch so i dont get cum or [hand cream] on it! bob - *mutters under breath* you watch-wearing [shit head]. ❋ JennaandgraceHOTTNESSS<3 (2010)

[Hey Peter], watch this! *jumps [off the roof] with an [umbrella] and breaks both legs* ❋ TheDumbGuy (2005)

If you [watched] these notebooks, they'd become a [watch]. ❋ Irishhpirate (2020)

Person 1: [Hey watch this]! Person 2: *looks at person 1* Person 1: *attempts to do a [backflip] and falls off of a [building]* ❋ VioletThePurple (2020)

Ex. 1 - [Elisa]: I wonder where they keep their jewelry... Angela: [Watch it be], like, on the top shelf where no one can reach or see it. Ex. 2 - Jim: What's she do for a living? Frank: Not sure. I'll ask her... Watch it be [professional wrestling]. ❋ (2006)

I am on [watch] from [8am] - 12pm, and from [8pm] - 12am. ❋ Captain Swill (2010)

I'm being [watchful] about [this one]. [Nuff said]. ❋ Spencer12 (2012)

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