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Definitions of "water"

  • A clear, colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid, H2O, essential for most plant and animal life and the most widely used of all solvents. Freezing point 0°C (32°F); boiling point 100°C (212°F); specific gravity (4°C) 1.0000; weight per gallon (15°C) 8.338 pounds (3.782 kilograms). noun
  • Any of various forms of water: waste water. noun
  • Naturally occurring mineral water, as at a spa. Often used in the plural. noun
  • A body of water such as a sea, lake, river, or stream. noun
  • A particular stretch of sea or ocean, especially that of a state or country: escorted out of British waters. noun
  • A supply of water: had to turn off the water while repairing the broken drain. noun
  • A water supply system. noun
  • Any of the fluids normally secreted from the body, such as urine, perspiration, tears, or saliva. noun
  • A fluid present in a body part in abnormal quantities as a result of injury or disease: water on the knee. noun
  • The fluid surrounding a fetus in the uterus; amniotic fluid. noun
  • An aqueous solution of a substance, especially a gas: ammonia water. noun
  • A wavy finish or sheen, as of a fabric or metal. noun
  • The valuation of the assets of a business firm beyond their real value. noun
  • Stock issued in excess of paid-in capital. noun
  • The transparency and luster of a gem. noun
  • A level of excellence. noun
  • To pour or sprinkle water on; make wet: watered the garden. verb-transitive
  • To give drinking water to. verb-transitive
  • To lead (an animal) to drinking water. verb-transitive

The word "water" in example sentences

Just wanted to confirm: Place the bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, making sure that bottom of bowl *does not touch the water*.. [Layered Chocolate Cake with Fluffy White Frosting]

In context 2 and context 3, Oscar's ˜water™-thoughts are about water, i.e. H2O, while in context 1 they are about XYZ.. [Narrow Mental Content]

And at a certain period in the investigation of the underlying nature of water, it would have been correct to say that water might not contain hydrogen, if ˜water™ picked out something different than it actually does.. [The Epistemology of Modality]

The acceptance of rooftop water harvesting as a suitable system may depend on the users’ views on the water’ s taste.. [Chapter 5]

Note: These drawings can also be made for different water collection and transport methods (“water options”).. [Chapter 8]

The discharge of drainage water also affects the quality of the “receiving water” into which it flows, especially when sewage or septic tank effluent is released into the drains.. [1. Surface water drainage in urban areas]

The roast should first be washed in pure water, then wiped dry with a clean dry cloth, placed in a baking pan without any seasoning; some pieces of suet or cold drippings laid under it, but _no water_ should be put into the pan, for this would have a tendency to soften the outside of the meat.. [The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887) The Whole Comprising a Comprehensive Cyclopedia of Information for the Home]

At all events, very _hot_ drink with nothing but water, milk and sugar, is equally efficacious, and my medicine (a few grains of sugar of milk) put into the hot water, seasoned as above, has often obtained great credit, when the _hot water_ was alone worthy.. [An Epitome of the Homeopathic Healing Art Containing the New Discoveries and Improvements to the Present Time]

Heat water scalding hot first, then put in your _Hartichoakes_ and scald them, and take away all the bottomes, and leaves about them, then take _Rose water_ and _Sugar_ and boyle them alone a little while, then put the _Hartichoakes_ therein, and let them boyle on a soft fire till they be tender enough, let them be covered all the time they boyle, then take them out and put them up for your use.. [A Book of Fruits and Flowers]

You will notice when you pay a pilgrimage to the stone (it lies at the ford, hard by a church) that the ground about it is almost level with the water, so that when the river is in flood the stone must be almost submerged: in other words, it would then _hove above the water_.. [The Book-Hunter at Home]

This water in the earth, or _ground water_, is of very great importance.. [Conservation Reader]

Immediately at the surface, the openings of rocks may not be filled with water; but below the surface, at distances varying with climatic and topographic conditions, the water saturates the openings of the rocks and forms what is sometimes called the _zone of saturation_ or the _sea of underground water_.. [The Economic Aspect of Geology]

When salt water freezes, the _water_ freezes, but the salt does not, and a piece of salt water ice is almost as pure as that made of fresh water.. [Diggers in the Earth]

After using the bottle, empty the remaining milk; rinse in cold water, then in _scalding water_.. [Public School Domestic Science]

But, a final objection is raised, as on this view of the matter the elements -- earth, water and fire -- which are eaten and drunk, are already tripartite, each of them containing portions of all, and thus are of a threefold nature, how can they be designated each of them by a simple term -- _earth_, _water_, _fire_?. [The Vedanta-Sutras with the Commentary by Ramanuja — Sacred Books of the East, Volume 48]

… The word is probably derived from _ap_, water, and _sri_, to go, and seems to signify _inhabitants of the water_, nymphs of the stream; or, as Goldstücker thinks (Dict. s.v.) these divinities were originally personifications of the vapours which are attracted by the sun and form into mist or clouds.. [Ramayana. English]

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Water Word Data

  • Pronunciations(wôˈtər, wŏtˈər)
  • Character5
  • Hyphenation wa ter


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