Water Cabbage

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Definitions and meanings of "Water Cabbage"

What do we mean by water cabbage?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word water-cabbage. Define water-cabbage, water-cabbage synonyms, water-cabbage pronunciation, water-cabbage translation, English dictionary definition of water-cabbage.

Watered down semen, usually occurring as a direct result of over-fapping. Urban Dictionary

The sweat that accumilates inbetween your butt cheeks on a hot summers day Urban Dictionary

Jamaican folk term used to show disgust for the taste or smell of a particular food, object or person. The term comes from the experience that some people may have had when leaving vegetables or other kinds of food out, sometimes in water, for way too long. There is a repulsive odor that comes about when decaying food is left to sit in stagnant water for prolonged periods of time. This odor is generally found distasteful, and thus we Jamaicans use this term in certain incidents to show our disgust for an objectionable odor or taste coming from a food item, an object or a person. Urban Dictionary

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The word "water-cabbage" in example sentences

"Just about full enough to stock," Idalia decided, floating the water-cabbage out into the center of the pond. ❋ Michael J. Solender (2010)

And they were lucky; in a little pond they found enough water-cabbage that it covered the entire surface; Idalia quickly pulled in plenty of the leaf clumps with their trailing bundles of hairy roots, heaping them carefully in her basket. ❋ Michael J. Solender (2010)

"So I [tugged] myself stupid to Vicky [Vette] clips last night. After a couple of dozen skeets, I wasn't shooting anything other than [cabbage water]." ❋ Brubaker1971 (2015)

...[fucking hell]...[the cabbage] water is NOT helping with the rubbing of my [thighs] ❋ Unsteadycarrot (2007)

-"Go tek a [showah]. You smell [like nine] days [cabbage water]." -"A wha dis you gimme fi eat? It taste like nine days cabbage water." -"Throw dis out for me, it smells like nine days cabbage water." ❋ Errol W. (2007)

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What does water cabbage mean?

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