Character 6
Hyphenation wat tle
Pronunciations /ˈwɒtəl/

Definitions and meanings of "Wattle"

What do we mean by wattle?

A construction of branches and twigs woven together to form a wall, barrier, fence, or roof.

A single twig or rod laid on a roof to support the thatch.

A wrinkled fold of skin, sometimes brightly coloured, hanging from the neck of birds (such as chicken and turkey) and some lizards.

A barbel of a fish.

A decorative fleshy appendage on the neck of a goat.

Loose hanging skin in the neck of a person.

Any of several Australian trees and shrubs of the genus Acacia, or their bark, used in tanning.

1. The red skin hanging from a turkey's neck/throat. 2. A male cameltoe. Urban Dictionary

1 the thing that hangs from a turkey neck. obiously. it says that in a previous definition! 2 a hangin-ass pussy. Urban Dictionary

The act of watching a wattles video or playing Minecraft Urban Dictionary

When someone could not screw something up any worse and then does, it is known as a wattling. Urban Dictionary

The extreme version of waffle. Can be used In serious arguments and can be used in any type of context Urban Dictionary

A bottle of water Urban Dictionary

One who is characterized by a chronic addiction to Pepsi, Myspace, and porn. Is often assumed to be a mentally retarded pedophile. Physically unimpressive: concave chest, pimply bony face, frazzled unwashed hair, and no ass whatsoever. Urban Dictionary

Willy wattle: sagging stretchy skin from ball bag Urban Dictionary

What cute, attractive, funny, smart, goofball angel ladies say to tall lanky mustached dinguses. Urban Dictionary

When you've been so sexually active the skin around the snatch has become loose, much like a turkey's neck. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Wattle

The word "wattle" in example sentences

Those marks on my face are wrinkles, and that thing under my chin is called a wattle, which is only going to hang lower in years to come. ❋ Angry Professor (2005)

A wattle is the bit of flesh below a rooster’s beak. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The wattle was a framework of woven withes covered by layers of daub consisting of clay, lime, horsehair, and cow dung. ❋ Tedd Benson (1980)

To make the open frames livable buildings, carpenters and masons in other European countries and the British Isles commonly filled in between the timbers with bricks, plaster, or a plaster-and-stick composite called wattle and daub. ❋ Tedd Benson (1980)

The outer and inner walls were all made of that stuff known as wattle and daub -- sort of earth-like plaster worked into and around hurdles. ❋ Bruce Bairnsfather (N/A)

-- These are large, long-necked birds, with a long pointed beak, and the eyes surrounded with a naked carunculated skin or wattle, which is also largely developed at the base of the beak. ❋ Alfred Russel Wallace (1868)

A wattle is the bit of flesh below a rooster's beak. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And if you realized the word was "wattle" and not "wobble," would it change the direction of you ideation, so that maybe it would not have to end up -- yikes! ❋ Ann Althouse (2007)

ANGOPHORA LANCEOLATA was every where; Callitris grew about the base of the hills, and some very singular acacias, a long-leaved grey kind of wattle, the ACACIA STENOPHYLLA of Cunningham. ❋ Unknown (2003)

By cutting down invading alien plants, such as wattle and pine, the availability of water was significantly enhanced. ❋ Unknown (1996)

Equivalent to the "buddy system" in SCUBA diving. metalled: of a road, covered in crushed rock (e.g. "blue metal") mulga: Acacia sp. ( "wattle" in Australian) especially Acacia aneura; growing in semi-desert conditions. ❋ Henry Lawson (1894)

Jedediah Hotchkiss describes for his daughter Nelly the Battle of Fredericksburg, tents for soldiers, local technique of "wattle" fencemaking, and a local graveyard. ❋ Jedediah Hotchkiss (1862)

The ANGOPHORA LANCEOLATA was every where; Callitris grew about the base of the hills, and some very singular acacias, a long-leaved grey kind of wattle, the ACACIA ❋ Thomas Mitchell (1823)

1. That [turkey] had a large wattle. 2. Damn. That guy needs to stop wearing such [tight] [clothes]! Didn't you see his wattle? ❋ Banghead (2003)

"that bitch [whipped] out her hangin-ass vagina!" "[you mean] 'wattle'?" "no, [fuck you]." ❋ Pe To The Ter (2005)

Hey [john it]’s time for bed. [Not now] mom, I’m [wattling] ❋ ROBOTHEMAX (2019)

[Damn], [way to go] wattling, you [douche bag]. ❋ Wellers (2007)

[Nahh] [ur] [wattling] or ur a wattler ❋ Lemonk (2019)

[Can you] [pass] me my [wattle], please? ❋ Manduquito (2020)

Hey, look at that douchebag over there drinking Wild [Cherry Pepsi] and [ogling] those [8th graders]! He is such a Wattles ❋ AJ The Vag (2008)

He was on [all fours] in front of me [baring] his [willy wattle] ❋ Elab (2016)

“[Keep] your [wattle up], [kid]” ❋ TurdBurgerJohnson (2020)

[Dear lord], someone must have stuck an [eggbeater] in that thing...that pussy wattle is ginormous. [gobble gobble]. ❋ _evan (2006)

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