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Definitions of "weak"

  • Lacking physical strength, energy, or vigor; feeble. adjective
  • Likely to fail under pressure, stress, or strain; lacking resistance: a weak link in a chain. adjective
  • Lacking firmness of character or strength of will. adjective
  • Lacking the proper strength or amount of ingredients: weak coffee. adjective
  • Lacking the ability to function normally or fully: a weak heart. adjective
  • Lacking aptitude or skill: a weak student; weak in math. adjective
  • Lacking or resulting from a lack of intelligence. adjective
  • Lacking persuasiveness; unconvincing: a weak argument. adjective
  • Lacking authority or the power to govern. adjective
  • Lacking potency or intensity: weak sunlight. adjective
  • Linguistics Of, relating to, or being those verbs in Germanic languages that form a past tense and past participle by means of a dental suffix, as start, started; have, had; bring, brought. adjective
  • Linguistics Of, relating to, or being the inflection of nouns or adjectives in Germanic languages with a declensional suffix that historically contained an n. adjective
  • Unstressed or unaccented in pronunciation or poetic meter. Used of a word or syllable. adjective
  • Designating a verse ending in which the metrical stress falls on a word or syllable that is unstressed in normal speech, such as a preposition. adjective
  • Tending downward in price: a weak market for oil stocks. adjective
  • Lacking in force (usually strength) or ability. adjective
  • Dilute, lacking in taste or potency. adjective
  • Displaying a particular kind of inflection, including: adjective
  • One of the four fundamental forces associated with nuclear decay. adjective

The word "weak" in example sentences

For the sore itself, apply weak vinegar or _very weak_ ACETIC ACID (_see_), and. [Papers on Health]

It is that danger which Paul is thinking of when he tells the elders that by 'labouring' they 'ought to support the weak'; for by _weak_ he means not the poor, but those imperfect disciples who might be repelled or made to stumble by the sight of greed in an elder.. [Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts]

Regarding the reception of the infirm, he might have exclaimed with St. Paul: _Who is weak and I am not weak_?. [The Spirit of St. Francis de Sales]

I was afraid to say it in there -- I am so weak for you, Prue -- I ache so for you in all this trouble -- why, if I could feel your hands in my hair, I'd laugh at it all -- I'm so _weak_ for you, dearest. ". [The Lions of the Lord A Tale of the Old West]

II. iv.204 (388,1) I pray you, father, being weak, seem so] [W: deem't so] The meaning is, since _you are weak_, be content to think yourself weak.. [Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies]

She suddenly realized that if she had not been sitting down, she would have learned the true meaning of the phrase weak in the knees.. [Sharp Edges]

At the same time, he acknowledges several potential problems - including the fact that China is a developing country with a large population and what he calls a "weak economic foundation and uneven development".. [China Offers Earthquake Condolences to Japan]

They remember that concern for the weak is at the heart of Biblical religious tradition.. [Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie: Religion, Politics and the Return of Ralph Reed: Is That God or Ambition Talking?]

Facebook is a way of nourishing and maintaining what I call the weak links in my life.. [What Women Want]

His ears stick out and he's got what they call a weak chin.. [Wild Dreams of Reality, 5]

I suggest that that theory developed in three stages, which I label the weak, the strong, and the super-strong versions, and confronted one alternative that superficially resembled the theory of the unitary executive but that actually served quite different political, intellectual, and legal purposes.. [Tushnet on the Unitary Executive]

WILLIS: Well, the report says that higher costs will be a result of new taxes on insurers, like the excise tax on expensive Cadillac plans, and what they call -- what they call a weak requirement that Americans obtain health-insurance coverage.. [CNN Transcript Oct 13, 2009]

Navistar International Corp. projected fiscal 2009 earnings below analysts 'expectations amid what it called a weak North American business climate.. [Navistar Sees a Truck Rebound]

These are soft or what we call weak Democrats who don't like to see the partisan bickering.. [CNN Transcript Aug 26, 2008]

Aid workers say poverty and what they call weak legal systems in Asia are the main problems, but insists this latest case shows just how much progress has been made.. [CNN Transcript Oct 16, 2007]

– When you ignore the fundamental teachings of the gospel, which says that the way the strong treat the weak is the ul timate ethical test, by giving tax breaks to the wealthiest among us so the strong will get stronger and the weak will get weaker, you are doing something immoral.. [Study War No More « Magic Lantern Arts]

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@Unitedology: This is the level Ajax belong at. Elite club hindered by a financially weak league. Prem should try to swap them for Arsen…


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