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Definitions of "weaker"

  • comparative form of weak: more weak adjective
  • Said of one proposition with respect to another one: that the latter entails the former, but the former does not entail the latter. adjective

The word "weaker" in example sentences

Be the brighter and the weaker passions thine -- brighter indeed -- yet say not _weaker_, for they are strong as death; -- Love and Pity, Awe and Reverence, Joy, Grief, and. [Recreations of Christopher North, Volume 2]

The interpretation of their mathematical result was that the closer the quarks are to each other, the weaker is the 'colour charge'.. [Press Release: The 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics]

The respect of the right of the weaker is the bounden duty of the stronger; that is as true within the states as between them.. [Some Things the War Means]

The world, in their generous ardour to take what they call the weaker side, soon contrive to make it most formidably the strongest.. [Life of Lord Byron, Vol. 3 (of 6) With His Letters and Journals]

Influence on what they call weaker Minds; or an Aversion to a Belief that must cut them off from many of those Pleasures they propose to themselves, and fill them with Remorse for many of those they have already tasted.. [The Spectator, Volume 1 Eighteenth-Century Periodical Essays]

The stores 'openings will come just weeks after the retailer cut 600 people from its headquarters staff amid what it called weaker-than-expected sales.. [Home Rejuvenation (by KNQ Associates)]

He speaks mostly of foreign policy, were bleeding heart liberals such as our president continually apologize and put us in weaker positions on the foreign stage – both in language and in deed.. [Decline Is A Choice « Tai-Chi Policy]

Even weaker is the connection between Treasury bills and the S & P 500, minus 0.05 over the past decade.. [Why the Math of Correlation Matters]

Australian inflation data came in weaker than expected, prompting analysts to downgrade the likelihood of a central bank rate increase next week.. [What's News]

SYDNEY — Australia's third-quarter inflation data came in weaker than expected Wednesday, prompting analysts to downgrade the likelihood of a central-bank rate increase next week and sending the nation's currency lower.. [Australia Posts Weak Inflation Data]

These teams play in weaker conferences (although recently the Big East has been looking anything but powerful) and because of their conference affiliations, they play weak teams for most of the year.. [The Problem of BCS Busters | Heretical Ideas Magazine]

I am sure he did not want to take away from her moment, so he let her have the * entire* stage and moment for herself. weaker is better. [Obama reacts to Clinton speech]

Now this is interesting, given the perception held by some that Mayor Villaraigosa heads into his second term weaker than before.. [Archive 2009-05-01]

When I am in weaker periods, high doses of Lactaid are needed for every risky food venture.. [Temporary Lactose Intolerance - It Can Happen to You]

The High Fantasy SPEECH which in weaker hands * cough* Paolini * cough* becomes ludicrously purple works here (even if it is fairly tending to the lavender end of the prose spectrum).. [October 10th, 2006]

Limiting my art because of a rule that doesn't apply, or would make the piece weaker, is a sacrifice I am not willing to make.. [More bloody rules]

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