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Definitions of "weaver"

  • One that weaves: a weaver of fine rugs. noun
  • A weaverbird. noun
  • One who weaves. noun
  • Any bird in the family Ploceidae. noun
  • One who weaves, or whose occupation is to weave. noun
  • A weaver bird. noun
  • An aquatic beetle of the genus Gyrinus. See Whirling. noun
  • One who weaves; one whose occupation is weaving. noun
  • In ornithology, a weaver-bird. noun
  • In entomology: noun
  • A gyrinid beetle; a whirligig: so called from its intricate circlings and gyrations on the surface of the water. See whirligig, 4, and cut under Gyrinidæ. noun
  • A spinning-spider; a true araneid which weaves a web. noun
  • In ichthyology, same as weever. noun
  • finch-like African and Asian colonial birds noted for their elaborately woven nests noun
  • a craftsman who weaves cloth noun

The word "weaver" in example sentences

Farther down the street, towards the Zocalo a small store sells hand-woven rebozas and clothing and while the weaver is at work on his back-strap loom (weekends only).. [Malinalco, Mexico - A Font Of Mexico's History]

In that work the term weaver is used almost unfailingly to describe those who worked in the hand-loom industry.. [Colonial Lists/Indian Power: Identity Politics in Nineteenth Century Telugu-Speaking India]

A radical weaver is on trial and defends himself by saying that he'd done and said nothing that hadn't been done or said by Our Lord.. [Superb 1-2 For Scots Judge]

The story of the uprooted basket weaver is a parable for the kind of vessel that Monique Truong has fashioned in The Book of Salt.. [The Book of Salt: Summary and book reviews of The Book of Salt by Monique Truong.]

The word weaver means so little in these days that it is necessary to consider what were the conditions exacted of the weavers of tapestries in the time of tapestry's highest perfection.. [The Tapestry Book]

117 And a report of fifty years after Havell claims that the industry only survived that long because "the weaver is content with low wages.". [Colonial Lists/Indian Power: Identity Politics in Nineteenth Century Telugu-Speaking India]

Sparrows, (otherwise known as weaver-finches), maybe.. [grouse Diary Entry]

ROBERTS: Yes, I mean you can see him there taking a classic, what's called weaver stance with two hands on the weapon, you know gives you a very good accuracy in firing, particularly at close range.. [CNN Transcript Apr 18, 2007]

Otherwise known as weaver-finches in their native Europe and Africa.. [grouse Diary Entry]

Perhaps the most interesting and entertaining of all the birds of the island is that commonly known as the weaver or friendly bird, otherwise the metallic starling, the shining calornis of the ornithologist, the “Tee-algon” of the blacks.. [The Confessions of a Beachcomber]

Again, I propose that the absence of contests over the use of the term weaver for Havell was a result more of weaver actions in the preceding century than a change in government policies.. [Colonial Lists/Indian Power: Identity Politics in Nineteenth Century Telugu-Speaking India]

Although weavers certainly had not ceased working out definitions of self in conjunction with bureaucratic tools, the term weaver did not prompt riots or loud calls for further refinement.. [Colonial Lists/Indian Power: Identity Politics in Nineteenth Century Telugu-Speaking India]

The fire was already starting to lick at the toes of her boots, but the girl who'd been identified as a weaver—a magic user, or wizard, if you will—didn't seem the least bit disturbed by it.. [Sir Apropos of Nothing]

The weaver was a four-foot-tall paca, built like a pear and clad in a simple tunic.. [The Time of the Transference]

But back when I was working in the mill, the weaver was the only one on production.. [Oral History Interview with Betty and Lloyd Davidson, 1979 February 2 and 15. Interview H-19. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007). By Betty Davidson]

No word weaver shall ever chant my battle deeds in the great hall of Zahur.. [Key Out of Time]

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  • Character6
  • Hyphenation weav er


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