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What does the word well-informed mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word well-informed in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with well-informed and anagrams of well-informed.

Definitions of "well-informed"

  • Furnished with sufficient, correct knowledge adjective
  • Correctly informed; provided with information; well furnished with authentic knowledge; intelligent. adjective
  • Possessed of full information on a wide variety of subjects.
  • possessing sound knowledge adjective

The word "well-informed" in example sentences

He imagined future historians writing approvingly of his self-confidence and his conviction that a well-informed intellect was more important in a chief executive than experience.. [O: A Presidential Novel]

In most of our previous conversations Blair had been calm, cool, very much the well-informed unemotional analyst, comfortable talking the jargon of the nuclear command and control community from which he came.. [How the End Begins]

To Dr. Jeffrey Lewis and his extremely well-informed cohorts at the armscontrolwonk.com blog, for penetrating the scrim of PR and euphemism that often masks the truth about our nuclear posture.. [How the End Begins]

It would be possible to collect the necessary data to formulate a rational and well-informed immigration policy.. [Dagobert L. Brito: Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Compromise or Stalemate]

Here's the problem: Obama is so amazingly thoughtful and well-informed on just about every issue facing the country, that he has no time or patience for the psychological dimension.. [Raphael Cushnir: White House Emotional Intelligence Rating: 0]

So, it was a telling moment when the well-informed Arianna Huffington appeared on The Daily Show on Tuesday to discuss the economic crisis described in her book, Third-World America.. [Art Levine: Labor-Backed Oct. 2 Rally Competing With Jon Stewart, Pro-Corporate Senate]

The American Urological Association said Friday it would continue to recommend PSA screening "for well-informed men who wish to pursue early diagnosis," but it added that any such discussions should include "the risks of over-detection and overtreatment" and make clear that "active surveillance" was also an option.. [Report Resets Prostate Testing Debate]

One of DeQuattro’s biggest challenges was keeping everyone well-informed as questions arose right alongside the summer’s tension.. [Sarah Chasis: Florida Keys & the Gulf Oil Disaster: Stories Shared and Lessons Learned -- U.S. Coast Guard Captain Pat DeQuattro]

Shouldn't the public just want to hear 'the news' - get the facts straight so that they can make appropriate, well-informed decisions?. [McCain: Obama was wrong on stimulus either then or now]

But other well-informed scholars dismiss Mr. Zhou's political skills, saying he couldn't have pulled off the strategy even if he wanted to.. [Were China's Leaders Conned?]

Nice "red" shirts, it's too bad some of my "well-informed" countrymen and women didn't take more time to understand the issues instead of forming their opinions based on short-sighted and irrational fears.. ['Tea Party Express' trucks on with tour aimed at health care]

Please leave Sarah alone, she cannot possibly be expected to be well-informed, protect America from Putin, and attend every right-wing Bible-thumping event.. [Palin involved in another scheduling mishap]

Alec Baldwin is an articulate, extremely well-informed and engaging man.. [Senator to actor: 'Make my day']

The mythological primary character does exist—the flinty Yankee wearing a plaid shirt who rises at a town hall meeting to ask a candidate a tough, well-informed question—but only a small minority of voters attend events with candidates, and fewer still assess multiple candidates in person.. [The New Hampshire Primary Is Good for Democracy]

If every voter was well-informed and highly opinionated, then the most passionate minority would dominate decision-making.. [Why Ignorance Is Democracy's Bliss]

The underlying philosophy is clear: Ivey wants its grads not only to understand business concepts, but also to have the ability to apply those concepts to a certain set of facts and make a well-informed decision.. [Catching Up : Law is Cool]

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