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What do we mean by wfm?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word wfm. Define wfm, wfm synonyms, wfm pronunciation, wfm translation, English dictionary definition of wfm.

Works For Me. Usually used when someone claims that something is broken. Urban Dictionary

It stands for “Wait For Me”. Urban Dictionary

WFM Can also be use to say Wait a Fucking Minute depending on how the user uses it. Urban Dictionary

Well fuck me! expression of surprise. Often used in aussie dictim. Urban Dictionary

Work Force Management, to schedule, forecast how many agents are needed to staff a call center. one of the bobs, office space Urban Dictionary

Wanna fuck me? A question asking if you'll have sex with them if their hot the appropriate answer is yes. Urban Dictionary

Waiting for marriage, particularly in relation to certain types of jobs Urban Dictionary

Working From Minneapolis Urban Dictionary

Working From Mobile Urban Dictionary

#working for money Urban Dictionary

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The word "wfm" in example sentences

By janice, March 17, 2010 @ 9: 15 am affordable health insurance gccxi auto insurance quotes tcja auto insurance quotes 59912 car insurance wfm discount auto insurance uzq ❋ Unknown (2009)

[n00b]: I can't load [this website]. [l33t]: wfm ❋ Jisatsusha (2005)

Him: [so baby], why can’t you WFM ([wait] [for me])? Her: … ❋ Mrwl (2021)

WFM! [Did I] [miss] [something] ❋ A Crunchy Cip (2020)

"[Your mum] [fits] 3 [coke bottles] up her arse? WFM!!" ❋ BorisTheDestroyer (2004)

[Hope] is our companies WFM [agent]. ❋ Hope Hopes Alot (2008)

[Hot girl] walks into [a bar] and up to a guy she [asks] "WFM?" The guy"Yes" they leave ... ❋ Toffee222 (2010)

[HR], [reception] and property management tend to fall into the WFM category. Many women take these jobs in the [short term] before leaving to have children. ❋ Fadam7811 (2012)

Used for setting your chat status when you work in a city other than [Minneapolis] but are traveling to [Minnesota] and don't want to spare a vacation day. You can set your corporate chat status to WFM so people think you are working (but you are instead on Urban Dictionary [submitting] random acronym definitions...) ❋ Amiroo (2011)

Can't [read] your [email], WFM ❋ WorkerB12 (2018)

[The work] there so tough why are you still working there? [No choice] #[wfm] ❋ AWAS (2015)

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