Character 5
Hyphenation where
Pronunciations /wɛə(ɹ)/

Definitions and meanings of "Where"

What do we mean by where?

At or in what place. adverb

In what situation or position. adverb

From what place or source. adverb

To what situation; toward what end. adverb

At, to, or in a place in which. conjunction

At, to, or in a situation in which. conjunction

At, to, or in any place in which; wherever. conjunction

At, to, or in any situation in which; wherever. conjunction

Whereas. conjunction

That. conjunction

At, to, or in a place in which. pronoun

What place, source, or cause. pronoun

The place or situation at, in, or to which. pronoun

In which. pronoun

The place or occasion. noun

Whereabout; situation; place. noun

A contracted form of whether.

The place in which something happens.

A word often used in among us when a body is found Urban Dictionary

1. the modern meaning of the word originates from the game Among Us, it is used for asking someone where they found a dead body 2. or for normal people: in or to what place or position. Urban Dictionary

The word 'were' for people who are can't spell/are idiots, but this is a basic and terrible grammar mistake Urban Dictionary

There Urban Dictionary

(idiom) an informal expression used to express that something has changed--usually for the worse--or that situation has developed into a particular state of affairs Cultural context: "To where (it's)" is an effective and efficient communication tool. However, there is a socio-economic divide regarding it's usage. The expression is most often employed by yokels, commonfolk, and blue collar types. It is rarely used by their highly educated white collar counterparts because the phrase is foreign to some and consciously eschewed by others (e.g. the factions of yuppie douchebags who think their shit don't stink and pedantic stick-up-their-ass intellectuals who cherish proper grammar and strive to speak in paragraph form.) Urban Dictionary

Welsh expression for "where is it?" or "where are you?" Urban Dictionary

A term used to give an indirect importance to a noun. The word "it" obviously refers to what the person is referring to in general context as in: "The Club? Down two streets, and take a left. On Sherbrooke street is where it's at." But, it can be used when "it" hasn't been specified and the user merely intends to give it prime importance, such as: Urban Dictionary

A compilation of all of the places a loaner has been and lived. Urban Dictionary

Word often screamed while playing Call Of Duty campaigns most especially on veteran Urban Dictionary

A question to which the literal answer is, "between the 'is' and the 'at'." Sometimes, albeit rarely, the proper answer depends upon what the meaning of the word 'it' is. Considered obfuscating by some posing the defined expression. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Where

The word "where" in example sentences

“In a world, where LifeAlert has failed…..where the fallen simply can not..get…up” ❋ Unknown (2008)

My one was watching Leaving Las Vegas at the cinema with my sister - particularly the scene where Elizabeth Shue's character is explaining to her customers what they can and can't do... or more precisely *where*... ❋ Unknown (2007)

I don't know where the spec ops soldier gets off on saying the Canadians don't dismount on foot patrol..this is patently untrue,and if you have seen the combat videos,Canadas' mantra has been/will be aggressive patrolling..always has been..where has this greener beaner been? ❋ Unknown (2007)

“Resisting Reasonable Atrocity” says we must speak out, but speaking out is hard to do and takes practice, and our church community should be a place where we can get such practice, “where we can speak our minds and be taken seriously. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Just watch, Karr will not have done anything Eg false confession, however if anyone bothers to investigate where the last few deposits in his bank account came from it will be traced to sham corporation funded by republicans…..where? what NSA ruling? ❋ Unknown (2006)

I started out as a wee little brat in Los Altos for 6 years where we were accustomed to NON-white Christmases, then moved to Connecticut where we lived in quintessential New England suburbia..where we OFTEN had white Christmases. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Picking up her guitar, she removed herself to the far side of the glade, sitting down at an equal distance from where Kieran sat and ~where the wolf had vanished. ❋ De Lint, Charles, 1951- (1990)

How different _this table_ from many others! where genteel sprightly conversations are shut out; _where_ such as cannot feast their senses on the genius of a _cook_, must rise unsatisfied. ❋ Susannah Minific Gunning (N/A)

For her, freedom meant the right to "go where she pleased"; but her love knew no _where_ but my father's roof and her darling's crib, nor anything so wrong as that right. ❋ Various (N/A)

Give me one like this, where they've all got cards, _where they've all got cards that'll win if they play them right_, and then watch me. ❋ Cain, James (1934)

The absence of any deposits of importance containing recent shells in Chili, or anywhere on the western coast of South America, naturally led Mr. Darwin to the conclusion that ‘where the bed of the sea is either stationary or rising, circumstances are far less favourable than where the level is sinking to the accumulation of conchiferous strata of sufficient thickness and extension to resist the average vast amount of denudation. ❋ Unknown (1909)

"I do not doubt that there will come a day when we'll walk over the plains of the sun -- the flesh of our body then as gauze, moved at will where we please and swift as thought -- inner and outer motion keeping time with the beat and rhythm of that _where we are_ --" ❋ Mary Johnston (1903)

To understand the cause of appendicitis we must go back to the beginning, and when we do we find that it starts just where all diseases start, namely, _where health leaves off! ❋ John Henry Tilden (1895)

_Etiology: _To understand the cause of appendicitis we must go back to the beginning, and when we do we find that it starts just where all diseases start, namely, _where health leaves off! ❋ John Henry Tilden (1895)

She went a-whizzing right to the office of the big man, where maybe I'll work; I guess I'll go see him tomorrow, I got a hankering for knowing what I'm going to _do_, and _where_ I'm going to be paid for it. ❋ Gene Stratton-Porter (1893)

However well preserved the monuments might be, they could only show who had been buried, but not where he had been buried, and the _where_, as many maintained, was everything. ❋ Kuno Francke (1892)

"For my part, I have built my heart in the courses of the wall" -- (cheers) -- and nothing short of this impelled us to that dire necessity of leaping in the dark, to go we did not know where, and when we found the _where_, not knowing who would follow us. ❋ John Huntley Skrine (1885)

Everywhere else the young men live _where_ they please and _as_ they please; necessarily distributed amongst the towns - people; in any case, therefore, liable to no control or supervision whatever; and in those cases where the university forms but a small part of a vast capital city, as it does in Paris, Edinburgh, Madrid, ❋ Thomas De Quincey (1822)

_ I should like to know _where_ our life _is_ safe, either here or any where else? ❋ Thomas Moore (1815)

[crewmate] 1: i found a [body] in na- [imposter]: WHERE ❋ TopHatCatWUT (2020)

1. [DEAD BODY REPORTED] Blue: wherePink: whereBlack: whereRed: at [electrical] ... Orange: where2. A: Hey, where is the bathroom? B: On the end of the hall, [to the right] ❋ Kacper531 (2020)

[Where you at] [the party] [last night]? We where there! ❋ DifferentialmassblackHOULE (2012)

Person 1: where is it Person 2: there Person 1: WHERE Person2: THERE After [five] years they kept of saying where and there, they died doing it, [some say] their still [fighting] to this day ❋ Mr.Bruhman (2019)

"to where": The shift supervisor is never satisfied with our production numbers no matter how much we exceed target. It's gotten to where we're asking ourselves why we even try anymore... "to where (it's)": Sure, [the Mustang] still runs like a [raped ape], but sometimes the transmission sticks to where it's nearly impossible to short-shift [on the drag] strip. ❋ Bozo McScrotus (2017)

Where is [Pete] to, or where is [the club] to ❋ Chris Tough (2004)

"[Simple Plan]? No way, they suck big cock. [The Rasmus] is [where it's at] now." ❋ Comrade Karl (2006)

[Hey], where [are you] from? [No where]. ❋ Mandy McCoy (2008)


[Prosecutor]: "Where's it at?" (meaning the missing 10 million dollars in question) [Indicted] guy: "Between the 'is' and the 'at'." Prosecutor: "Isn't that not an incomplete sentence and rather literal and evasive?" Indicted guy: "Oh, you're good! Touché! [Next question]." ❋ Herr Doktor Grauwolf (2009)

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