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Definitions of "whitehead"

  • See milium. noun
  • A pimple formed by a clogged sebaceous gland, usually with a milky-white cap. noun
  • The blue-winged snow goose. noun
  • The surf scoter. noun
  • The blue-winged snow goose. noun
  • The surf scoter. noun
  • A small and rare oscinine bird, Clitonyx albicilla, peculiar to the North Island, New Zealand, and threatened with extinction. noun
  • The white-headed scoter or surf-scoter, a duck, Œdemia perspicillata. See cut under Pelionetta. noun
  • A breed of domestic pigeons with the head and tail white; a white-tailed monk. noun
  • The blue wavey. or blue-winged snow-goose, Chen cærulescens. See goose. noun
  • The broom-bush, Parthenium Hysterophorus. Also called bastard feverfew and West Indian mugwort. noun
  • English philosopher and mathematician who collaborated with Bertrand Russell (1861-1947) noun
  • a small whitish lump in the skin due to a clogged sebaceous gland noun

The word "whitehead" in example sentences

Does he periodically examine you under a bright light or preferably in sunlight, with a thermometer in hand to gauge the level of your softness down there, checking you for any sprouting blackhead, whitehead, or pimple do these even appear down there? or, horror of horrors, imagine an extra out-of-place, unruly, curly hair.. [Dora Levy Mossanen: A Bottle of Wine or a Vagacial, that's the Question]

As we made out, I couldn't help noticing a whitehead on his back.. [Celebrating a Cult Classic]

But top honors go to 30 Rock, as Jack Donaghy declares NBC "to be the engorged whitehead on the otherwise flawless face of Universal Media.". [Matt's TV Week in Review: Premiere Week Edition]

Nothing like an exploded whitehead magnified 7x to scare you into washing your face. doublebanker Says:. [Ewww. Awesome.]

Another whitehead racist who wants to keep the white house white.. [Clinton up with new ad starring Easley]

Filed under: Politics, on writing, science fiction, space | Tagged: adam whitehead, chung kuo, corvus, david wingrove, son of heaven, vol 1 out 2011. [Chung Kuo Vol 1: Son of Heaven update « INTERSTELLAR TACTICS]

Filed under: Politics, on writing, science fiction, space | Tagged: adam whitehead, chung kuo, corvus, david wingrove, son of heaven, vol 1 out 2011 | 9 Comments ». [2010 April 24 « INTERSTELLAR TACTICS]

I suggest you vote after you stop being angry, or you will only make things worse. oscar whitehead. [Welcome to the Tea Party: Florida showdown]

• Seasonal changes frequently cause changes in combination skin: in the summer it becomes oilier and more prone to blackhead and whitehead formation in the T-zone, while the winter season causes it to become drier, especially in the cheek area.. [Best in Beauty]

WHAT A DOCTOR CALLS THEM: comedones an open comedone is a blackhead; a closed comedone is a whitehead. [Simple Skin Beauty]

We can tell a whitehead, or comedone, from a benign cyst and a blackhead from a hair follicle.. [Simple Skin Beauty]

In fact, although it appears to be right under the surface of the skin, a whitehead is actually in the dermis, so trying to extract one will cause trauma to the skin.. [Simple Skin Beauty]

In the case of a comedone a type of acne referred to as a “blackhead” or “whitehead”, this can push the oils and benign bacteria so far down the follicle shaft that they burst out the bottom into your skin tissue.. [Simple Skin Beauty]

I had some reservations myself about the analysis in Freakonomicssee my a-bit-less-serious review: john-whitehead.blogs.com and click on the books category but I tried to read it for what the book is, and not what it isn't.. [Freak Storm, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Ella does anyone know if it is the original ending (micah getting thrown at the camera) or the remake (katie rocking by the bed) that is on the dvd? emilyk hey when does this movie come out? amy whitehead can anyone tell me is it being released in england to , i would really like to see it , it looks fantastic. m moore its on the torrent sites. [Paranormal Activity Finally Gets a Release Date | /Film]

Hot Trends james o'keefe arrested john whitehead make you mad state of the union address state of the union obama. [Jared Bernstein: You Can't Fool All the People All the Time]

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Bersyukur sangat pimples takde. Cuma nak hilangkan sunburn, dark spot n whitehead 😭 taknak putih cuma nak flawless je 🙂


Did he talk about the games where John Whitehead's Wing-T kicked his ass?

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  • Character9
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