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Definitions of "wider"

  • comparative form of wide: more wide adjective

The word "wider" in example sentences

But amid rising demands for U.S. troop pullout, the Bush Administration is launching a new campaign to sell the war as part what it calls a wider conflict against a global enemy.. [CNN Transcript Aug 30, 2006]

Mr Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, explicitly links this move to what he calls a "wider movement" of ideological aggression by the commission, including proposals for a financial transactions tax across Europe.. [The Economist: Daily news and views]

They are the same price and wider is better for these slings.. [I read in a recent issue how to make a rifle sling out of 550 cord, now that i have the materials i cant find my mag.]

The remarks represent some of China's most substantive support for the euro zone amid the region's debt troubles, and reflect the Asian giant's growing willingness to wield its economic clout to obtain wider international influence.. [Beijing Offers Support to Greece]

Briefing notes show the Y-shaped line will cost around £ 11.2 billion to build and £ 1.25 billion a year to run, but will deliver around £ 15 billion more in wider transport benefits and £ 10 billion more in revenue than the S-shaped option.. [U.K. Outlines High-Speed Rail Vision]

Trees in wider roads also create a perception of narrowness without actually creating narrow roads.. [2009 August | Zeeshan Hamid]

This is what a lack of discipline at home, at school and in wider society has wrought.. [Welcome to Labour Britain]

More details on that -- as well as which movies are the steadiest performers of the season and how Hilary Swank's latest did in wider release -- in this week's box office rundown.. [Weekend box office: 'Saw 3D' comes out on top in Halloween showdown]

The 10-year Irish/German yield spread tested new highs of 460 basis points, 19 points wider from the previous day.. [Europe's Markets Shed Early Gains]

The 'not really a thriller' documentaryCatfishis doing okay in wider release, as it grossed $600,000 for the weekend for a current total of $1.6 million on 137 screens thus far.. [Scott Mendelson: The Social Network Scores, Four Horror Films Crumble, and Holdovers Remain Steady: Weekend Box Office 10/03/10]

Nothing past the 80s, and mostly books that are at least known in wider pop culture.. [SF Tidbits for 3/6/08]

But it also takes in wider Lib Dem policy and prospects.. [Archive 2008-01-01]

Its meanings in wider Kaskazi descendant languages were tied in less specific terms to name a women. 32 Based on its breadth of generalized meanings in Kaskazi languages, including areas outside of the Lakes languages, it likely emerged in the first half of the last millennium BCE meaning "woman or female," and later took on more nuanced meanings such as those in the Lakes and Northeast-Coastal Bantu examples.. [Societies, Religion, and History: Central East Tanzanians and the World They Created, c. 200 BCE to 1800 CE]

Lives not alone, nor for itself (II: 26-27) — that although lilies, clouds, worms and human beings are (as individuals) impermanent, they sustain wider networks of life that do not pass away.. [Blake, Heidegger, Buddhism, and Deep Ecology: A Fourfold Perspective on Humanity's Relationship to Nature]

And while quietly pervading the technology behind our daily lives, the principles of giant magnetoresistance are now being used to tackle problems in wider fields, for instance in the selective separation of genetic material.. [The Nobel Prize in Physics 2007 - Speed Read]

I think the only real reason that this hasn't been hailed in wider circles as a feminist horror movie is because feminist analysts don't like the idea of the gore-filled peril being a woman's direct and unequivocal fault.. [The Descent: Or, as I've come to think of it, The Decent.]

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