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Definitions of "widespread"

  • Spread or scattered over a considerable extent: widespread fallout from a nuclear explosion. adjective
  • Occurring or accepted widely: a widespread misunderstanding. adjective
  • Affecting a large area (e.g. the entire land or body); broad in extent. adjective
  • Spread to a great distance; widely extended; extending far and wide. adjective
  • Diffused or spread to a great distance; extending far and wide; being general.
  • widely circulated or diffused adjective
  • distributed over a considerable extent adjective

The word "widespread" in example sentences

Many mid-ranking Afghan officials are similarly frustrated with what they describe as widespread corruption.. [Audit Highlights Afghan Aid Woes]

Reichbach scolded the department for what he described as a widespread culture of corruption endemic in its drug units, The New York Times reported.. [Christine A. Scheller: 'Felon' Is The New N-Word]

One of the protesters' top demands has been holding the former president accountable for what they call widespread graft and corruption.. [Egypt seeks to seize Mubarak's assets abroad]

Elmer has said he began gathering information on what he termed widespread tax evasion by wealthy businessmen and politicians, while he worked at the offshore Cayman Island trust subsidiary of Julius Baer.. [Former Swiss Banker Found Guilty of Breaking Secrecy Laws]

Since the Jan. 9 verdict by a High Court judge—who acquitted Mr. Anwar of violating Malaysia's strict sodomy laws citing a lack of witnesses and flawed DNA evidence—the 64-year-old opposition leader has begun mobilizing support in this multiracial country, promising reforms to dismantle a decades-old affirmative-action program designed to give a leg up to the majority ethnic-Malay population while also targeting what he describes as widespread cronyism in Mr. Najib's government.. [Malaysia's Anwar Presses On Despite Appeal]

Mr. Siekaczek, who received a lenient sentence after cooperating with authorities, testified his superiors were aware of the bribery system, which he described as widespread at Siemens.. [At Siemens, a Conviction]

Zimbabwe in the next eight months in order to avert the threat of what it called widespread hunger.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

Election watchers from independent monitoring group Golos report what they call widespread incidents of vote-buying, pressure and other illegal tactics in favor of United Russia, and they cite significantly more serious violations than in previous campaigns.. [Pursuing Power Despite the Price]

BLITZER: The Los Angeles Times has a major article today on what it calls widespread corruption within the Iraqi police force.. [CNN Transcript Jul 9, 2006]

The Bush administration will not recognize the declared winner because of what it calls widespread fraud.. [CNN Transcript Nov 30, 2004]

Activists have continued to post video recorded in other parts of Syria, documenting what they call a widespread campaign of atrocities and killing.. [NYT > Home Page]

Activists have continued to post video recorded in other parts of Syria, documenting what they called a widespread campaign of atrocities and killing.. [NYT > Home Page]

Still, authorities condemned Penn State University today for what they called a widespread culture of failing to report the abuse by Sandusky.. [ABC News: Top Stories]

Human Rights Watch, which had raised objections to the planned show because of what it calls widespread human rights abuses in Uzbekistan, applauded the decision.. [The Seattle Times]

The EU so far has refused to include Bulgaria due to what it called widespread graft.. [The Seattle Times]

NEW DELHI - Thousands of people holding placards and shouting slogans have protested in India's capital against what they called widespread corruption and poor governance.. [FOXNews.com]

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