Word WIN
Character 3
Hyphenation win
Pronunciations /wɪn/

Definitions and meanings of "Win"

What do we mean by win?

To achieve victory or finish first in a competition. intransitive verb

To achieve success in an effort or venture. intransitive verb

To achieve victory or finish first in. intransitive verb

To receive as a prize or reward for performance. intransitive verb

To achieve or obtain by effort. intransitive verb

To gain (respect or love, for example) by effort: synonym: earn. intransitive verb

To make (one's way) with effort. intransitive verb

To reach with difficulty. intransitive verb

To take in battle; capture. intransitive verb

To succeed in gaining the affection or loyalty of (someone). intransitive verb

To succeed in gaining the favor or support of; prevail on. intransitive verb

To discover and open (a vein or deposit) in mining. intransitive verb

To extract from a mine or from mined ore. intransitive verb

A victory, especially in a competition. noun

First place in a competition. noun

An amount won or earned. noun

To conquer, defeat.

To reach some destination or object, despite difficulty or toil (now usually intransitive, with preposition or locative adverb).

To triumph or achieve victory in (a game, a war, etc.).

To gain (a prize) by succeeding in competition or contest.

To obtain (someone) by wooing; to make an ally or friend of (frequently with over).

To achieve victory.

To have power, coercion or control.

To obtain (something desired).

To cause a victory for someone.

To extract (ore, coal, etc.).

On imageboards, when a image post is made, the post can be win or fail, depending on if the image is liked and appropriate for the topic of the board. This can be made stronger by adding epic before it, as in 'Epic win!'. Urban Dictionary

Quality with which something wins a non-existant, abstract competition which has undefined criteria for winning Urban Dictionary

Succeeding at a task. Urban Dictionary

All you do is Urban Dictionary

The opposite of fail; when something of awesomeness happens. Urban Dictionary

Convincing a girl on webcam to show her vagina Urban Dictionary

An interjection, used when something excellent happens (usually sung in falsetto). Urban Dictionary

Abbreviation of Microsoft's Windows operating system. Urban Dictionary

In imageboard culture, nudity. Urban Dictionary

Fun Urban Dictionary

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The word "win" in example sentences

I said this in the Ferraro thread, but both CNN and MSNBC are reporting the Texas caucus win as an official * win* (CNN's changed their map.) ❋ Unknown (2009)

_ Raleigh's good, damn good; it hasn't lost a game this season -- and we've got to win, _win_! ❋ Percy Marks (1923)

He would follow her and win her, -- yea, _win_ the woman God had made for him and him alone, and into his eyes leapt the expression of the conquering male, the force God had created within him to reach for the woman sublime and cherish her. ❋ Grace Miller White (1912)

JBL Risk Manager allows for both Long and Short selling, manage unlimited Multiple Portfolios, allow for Stock Split Adjustment, allows for your brokerage fees and charges, risk tolerance selection, reports on your portfolio performance with average % win/loss, $win/loss, Trade Expectancy, sell alerts and much more, all simple to follow with a detailed Help file. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Ernie Els. The Monday win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational was on Tiger's turf, and even though Tiger was a few miles away at Isleworth, readying for the Masters, don't think Els.'win wasn't a reverberation that resonated. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Cowboys shortstop hits 3 home runs, leading Oklahoma State to 10-6 win over Alabama in NCAAs Basketball leugim321 I challenge Justin Bieber to a game of one on one in basketball * retweet if you think Justin will win* dvickers2000 Watching KU Basketball ... ❋ Unknown (2009)

- min win% is 5% (so currently winless Black Tiger does get a win at times) - Every future match has a 5% chance of being the 1st draw, and that percentage gets cut in half on every draw, so multiple draws are reduced in chance ❋ Unknown (2009)

The manager himself needs a title win to illustrate improvement during his tenure. ❋ Unknown (2011)

But almost immediately after her title win - I'm meaning Fakih - she received a little flak over some racy photos that surfaced on the Internet. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Johnson was interviewed after his title win by National Public Radio. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Soon after his title win, Madusa became interested in Evan's Cruiserweight Championship belt. ❋ ~~ Sabre ~~ (2007)

Her serve has improved and her title win in Los Angeles recently shows that she is playing well on hardcourts. ❋ Ron Buckmire (2006)

"WIN!!!" "This [thread] is [made of win]" "WIN! [DO WANT]!" ❋ Anonymous-obliges (2006)

"win" "[full of win]" ❋ J Burrito (2008)

You am [teh win]!!1! ❋ Früchlè (2003)

win ; [all you] do is ❋ Shannnonnxoxo (2010)

Did you see [Bobby] [playing Halo] [last night]? That was win. ❋ VmKid (2009)

Dude, i was [watching] bootyshaker69 [last night] and i got [epic win] ❋ Douchebag1918 (2008)

Dude, I just got [the new] Weakerthans [CD]. [Win]! ❋ Tasty (2003)

- win3.1 is [really cool]! - i preffer [winXP] ❋ Visor (2003)

Cute [pics] of [this girl] but [sadly] no win. :( ❋ CharlieBerkins (2007)

[i win] games [ergo] i [have fun] ❋ Soulfly1337 (2012)

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