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Definitions of "wind"

  • Moving air, especially a natural and perceptible movement of air parallel to or along the ground. noun
  • A movement of air generated artificially, as by bellows or a fan. noun
  • The direction from which a movement of air comes: The wind is north-northwest. noun
  • A movement of air coming from one of the four cardinal points of the compass: the four winds. noun
  • Moving air carrying sound, an odor, or a scent. noun
  • Breath, especially normal or adequate breathing; respiration: had the wind knocked out of them. noun
  • Gas produced in the stomach or intestines during digestion; flatulence. noun
  • Music The brass and woodwinds sections of a band or orchestra. Often used in the plural. noun
  • Music Wind instruments or their players considered as a group. Often used in the plural. noun
  • Music Woodwinds. Often used in the plural. noun
  • Something that disrupts or destroys: the winds of war. noun
  • A tendency; a trend: the winds of change. noun
  • Information, especially of something concealed; intimation: Trouble will ensue if wind of this scandal gets out. noun
  • Speech or writing empty of meaning; verbiage: His remarks on the subject are nothing but wind. noun
  • Vain self-importance; pomposity: an expert who was full of wind even before becoming famous. noun
  • To expose to free movement of air; ventilate or dry. verb-transitive
  • To detect the smell of; catch a scent of. verb-transitive
  • To pursue by following a scent. verb-transitive
  • To cause to be out of or short of breath. verb-transitive

The word "wind" in example sentences

_He stayeth His rough wind in the day of the east wind_.. [Daily Strength for Daily Needs]

Snow is falling and the wind is howling, as Washington and Knox stand together near the boat landing -- (_wind and murmur of crowd with occasional sharp commands in background through this scene.. [Washington Crossing the Delaware]

I now asked the Lord for two things, viz.: "That He would be pleased to change the _north wind into a south wind_, and that he would give the workmen a mind to work.. [The Wonders of Prayer A Record of Well Authenticated and Wonderful Answers to Prayer]

In the Old Testament the word wind is used many times to describe “things of no value” being tossed out in the current of air.. [Babes with a Beatitude]

One of the things they point out is that the term wind farm is deceptive ... they're large-scale industrial facilities and need to be treated as such.. [RoguePundit]

His campaign has had a slow start but the wind is at his back as he is picking up steam while his opponents are stagnating.. [Meet Dan Debicella (R CAND, CT-04). | RedState]

Donald really should use a hat when the wind is above 5 m.p.h. February 16th, 2010 at 4: 42 pm. [Think Progress » Donald Trump: Take Al Gore’s Nobel Prize away because of ‘coldest winter ever recorded.’]

Yes | No | Report from kswaterfowl wrote 48 weeks 2 days ago you should face you U or V so that the wind is at your back and decoys in front of you so they can land into the wind. [goose hunting]

Isn't it great when you're just cruising along in life, the wind is at your back, all the lights are green and all systems are "Go?". [Dr. Judith Rich: Crossing the Spiritual Desert]

"Buyers, feeling the wind is at their back, are now more willing to incrementally increase the amount they'll pay for soured loans as a new way to get distressed real estate.". [End Game for Developers]

They might say "you should write that down" "you should write something about that" ...... but the wind is already gone from it and there†™ s no point after I say the punchline out loud. paintbox. [Achieve Your Goals By Keeping Them Quiet | Lifehacker Australia]

I think that your best bet would probably be using a lightly weighted (with lead wire not split shot) nymph version of that fly. keep your rod lower to the water than usual since the wind is a big factor.. [Deeter: Help Me Catch That Scum-Sucking Pig! (And win a fly rod).]

Playing the wind is alot more important that buying the latest high priced gadgets.. [Believer in Scent control?]

P. S dont trust peeper spray because some where the wind is allways going to blow in the wrong direction.. [what is your smallest caliber for a bear defense pistol.]

While our tents (large and small) are well-secured, one still gets the regular impression that the wind is about to rip them free of their anchors.. [One Of Your Own Will Soon Stand On The Top of Our World - NASA Watch]

I know you are yellow and will not respond to this because the wind is at your back now as you run away.. [Think Progress » Gov. Perry wants to bring California’s budget misery to Texas.]

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