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Definitions of "wishlist"

  • A list of desired things. noun

The word "wishlist" in example sentences

Basically a lot of my wishlist is the more classic stuff.. [License request day: More Ai Yazawa]

Their feature wishlist is longer than a roll of toilet paper and gets pretty much treated as such.. [Exclusive: Second Life Starts To Grow Again]

I swear, my whole wishlist is just your blog now: p. [Castle Waiting by Linda Medley]

Deslily: Let the games begin indeed: D And I know what you mean ... my wishlist is going to suffer, but oh well: P. [It's That Time of the Year Again!]

I can already tell you that my cookbook wishlist is growing intelligently (ie, finding books that I'll actually use) because of my local library giving me the ability to weed out cookbooks that look good in the bookstore/on amazon, but when I get them home it turns out they don't have many recipe I would actually use.. [Archive 2006-10-01]

It looks like most of her wishlist comes from a store called "Hot Topic.". [Christmas shopping and it's bloody cold]

Well, let’s just say that my wishlist is about to be greatly expanded.. [Lusty « So Many Books]

A Mexican youngster's holiday wishlist is directed instead to el Niño Dios (the Holy Child) for Christmas Eve and the Reyes Magos (Magi) for Three Kings Day.. [Feliz navidad: making merry in Mexico]

As you know, the top of my wishlist is energy, and as I’ve said before, it’s a place where I just don’t think Obama’s rhetoric has ever been ambitious enough.. [The New New Deal « Gerry Canavan]

If you want to get a present - on my wishlist is a Nick Brandt photo book - she loves Nick Brandt and Africa and Elephants.. [Desperation. Sacrifice. Fighting.]

On the top of my wishlist was a true sub-notebook.. [Steve Jobs Ends the Applezoic Era: Shelly Palmer Report]

My wishlist is the same - anyway not everyone wants to work for a big studio on giant projects, either.. [My Disney Q & A]

Weell, actually a lot of the features on the wishlist are a bit of a stretch – like the color screen.. [Kindle 2.0 WishList + Kindle 2.0 Most Wanted List « Kindle Review – Kindle 3 Review, iPad Review]

Since people are sort of doing a tag wishlist here, does anyone know of site with tags that already has that feature.. [Tag happy « BuzzMachine]

I think they do change based on what I add to my wishlist, which is kind of a scary thought.. [A New Design - Anil Dash]

It still won't let you purchase Kindle content, but you can save it to your wishlist, which is pretty easy to get to via Safari.. [dailyindia.com News Feed]

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Organic Traffics

@Kizamimi_: 狼娘の 刻耳(きざみみ) きざみ です✨新モデル完成です💕 Re : ママ😆 鈴穂ほたる様(@suzuhohotaru) 🐺YOUTUBE♀ 🍠干し芋 …


My wishlist: -Meet the Dolan Twins -Talk to the Dolan Twins -Hug the Dolan Twins -Hang out with the Dolan Twins


wishlist tinggal sweater jam sama slingbag. pusing gue


#Solidaritat Vols ajudar-nos 🤗a ajudar-les 🤗👵🏻🐱? Donatiu #PinsoSolidari Ingrés…


@Kizamimi_: 狼娘の 刻耳(きざみみ) きざみ です✨新モデル完成です💕 Re : ママ😆 鈴穂ほたる様(@suzuhohotaru) 🐺YOUTUBE♀ 🍠干し芋 …

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