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Definitions of "wonder"

  • noun
  • The emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring, astounding, or surprising. noun
  • The quality that arouses such emotion. noun
  • noun
  • One that arouses awe, astonishment, surprise, or admiration; a marvel. noun
  • A monumental human creation regarded with awe, especially one of seven monuments of the ancient world that appeared on various lists of late antiquity. noun
  • noun
  • An extraordinary or remarkable act or achievement. noun
  • An event inexplicable by the laws of nature; a miracle. noun
  • To have a feeling of awe, astonishment, surprise, or admiration. intransitive verb
  • To be filled with curiosity or doubt. intransitive verb
  • To feel curiosity or be in doubt about. intransitive verb
  • Remarkable or extraordinary, especially in being beneficial. adjective
  • (do wonders) To have a beneficial effect. idiom
  • (for a wonder) As a cause for surprise; surprisingly. idiom
  • To be affected with wonder or surprise; marvel; be amazed: formerly with a reflexive dative.
  • To look with or feel admiration.
  • To entertain some doubt or curiosity in reference to some matter; speculate expectantly; be in a state of expectation mingled with doubt and slight anxiety or wistfulness: as, I wonder whether we shall reach the place in time: hence, I wonder is often equivalent to ‘I should like to know.’
  • To be curious about; wish to know; speculate in regard to: as, I wonder where John has gone.

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