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Definitions of "wonderful"

  • Capable of eliciting wonder; astonishing: "The ... whale is one of the most wonderful animals in the world” ( Charles Darwin). adjective
  • Admirable; excellent: "The spirit of the movement was wonderful. It was joyous and grave at the same time” ( Christabel Pankhurst). adjective
  • Tending to excite wonder; surprising, extraordinary. adjective
  • Surprisingly excellent; very good or admirable, extremely impressive. adjective
  • Adapted to excite wonder or admiration; surprising; strange; astonishing. adjective
  • Of a nature or kind to excite wonder or admiration; strange; astonishing; surprising; marvelous.
  • Synonyms Wonderful, Strange, Surprising, Curious, Unique, extraordinary, marvelous, amazing, startling, wondrous (poetic). Wonderful generally refers to something above the common, and so marvelous, perhaps almost incredible. Strange refers rather to something beside the common—that is, simply very unusual or odd, and so exciting surprise or wonder. Anything that excites awe or high admiration, or strikes one as sublime, is wonderful; an unpleasant object may be strange, but would not be called wonderful. That which is unexpected is surprising, but it is not necessarily strange; as, a surprising fact; a surprising discovery in science. Curious is wonderful on a small scale; by its derivation it often refers to an object extremely nice and intricate or elaborate in itsdetails, but also it oft en conveys thenotion of pleasing strangeness and even of rarity: as, a curious bit of mosaic; a curious piece of mechanism; a curiously colored stone. Unique expresses that which is sole of its kind or quality: as, a unique book; a unique sort of person. See eccentric and surprise.
  • Wonderfully; exceedingly; very.
  • extraordinarily good or great ; used especially as intensifiers adjective

The word "wonderful" in example sentences

To have you come over to the factory, and to have somebody say that Mrs. Sheridan is there, and to go to lunch -- Dearest, do you realize how wonderful and how -- well, how _wonderful_ it's going to be?. [The Beloved Woman]

"Manti is a wonderful town -- a _wonderful_ town!" he declared.. ['Firebrand' Trevison]

"A wonderful hard fix, a _wonderful_ hard fix, _under_ th 'ice, an' I were handy t 'stayin' under un," said Ed, taking evident delight in keeping his auditors in suspense.. [Ungava Bob A Winter's Tale]

Whenever I think of God's wonderful, _wonderful_ goodness to me and of my own sinfulness, I want to find a place low at the foot of the cross where I may cover my face in the dust, and yet go on praising Him.. [The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss]

In that list are wonderful, * wonderful* films that say so much about the British sensibility, and which have won many awards.. [Haddock Blogs]

"And it is going to be wonderful -- just _wonderful_ -- before long.. [The Campfire Girls of Roselawn Or, a Strange Message from the Air]

And much, much more importantly, I have been blessed with wonderful children, and with a wife for whom even the word wonderful is somehow insufficient.. [A Question of Honour]

During the approximate three-hour running time of the Metropolitan Opera's Shakespeare/Baroque pastiche "The Enchanted Island," the character of Miranda utters the word "wonderful" 16 times.. [Many Wonderful Moments]

You will love him no matter what, and he can choose his own dreams and that's what we call a wonderful life.. [A Wonderful Life]

Finally on his last evening there, he was taken out for a banquet-style meal and gorged himself on what he described as wonderful food.. [Reading, Writing, Cooking and Crafting: All the tea in China]

True; but what is this study which you describe as wonderful and fitting for youth to learn, but of which we are ignorant?. [Laws]

Yet these abject people have been infinitely raised since that period by missionaries, and Darwin, hearing of this success, which he termed wonderful, sent a donation to the South American Missionary Society.. [Life of Charles Darwin]

In the faith of that prediction Bill had lived; and it was a curious illustration of the sympathetic force inherent in a firm belief, that both passengers and seamen, even those who affected to laugh at the rest of what they called his wonderful yarns, entertained a secret conviction in favour of that tale, and felt secure of gold-gathering in Bill's company.. [Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 444 Volume 18, New Series, July 3, 1852]

Shafer, a practicing anesthesiologist who teaches at Columbia University Medical School in New York, said he was testifying for the prosecution without a fee because he wants to restore public confidence in doctors who use propofol, which he called a wonderful drug when properly administered.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

Shafer said he was testifying for the prosecution without a fee because he wants to restore public confidence in doctors who use propofol, which he called a wonderful drug when properly administered.. [The Seattle Times]

Based in London, Small immersed himself in the avant-garde cultural scene, before returning to teaching at what he called a "wonderful" school in Wembley, north-west London.. [The Guardian World News]

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