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Definitions of "works"

  • Plural form of work. noun
  • A mechanism or machine; the means by which something happens. noun
  • A factory or similar collection of buildings noun
  • Everything or everything that is available or possible; especially, all available toppings on food. (Always preceded by the.) noun
  • An act associated with moral or religious standing. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of work. verb
  • buildings for carrying on industrial labor noun
  • the internal mechanism of a device noun
  • everything available; usually preceded by `the' noun
  • performance of moral or religious acts noun

The word "works" in example sentences

It cannot be cited in proof, that the election of God is arbitrary and uninfluenced by his foreknowledge of the faith and obedience of his chosen people, for the works here intended are _not Christian good works_ done in faith.. [On Calvinism]

In one of his sudden lapses into brilliant sanity he emphasizes the fact that Saint Francis of Assisi was faith incorporate and yet the special apostle of good works; and that Martin Luther, the advocate of redemption by faith, consecrated his life and revealed to others the secret of good works— "free works done only to please God, not for the sake of piety.". [VIII. The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century]

True, then, are these two sayings: “Good works do not make a good man, but a good man does good works”; “Bad works do not make a bad man, but a bad man does bad works.. [Concerning Christian Liberty]

To such faith the apparent mystery of suffering is seen to be nothing but a Divine need -- the light affliction that works out -- yea, _works out_ and actually effects the exceeding weight of glory.. [Holy in Christ Thoughts on the Calling of God's Children to be Holy as He is Holy]

For it is not "by works of righteousness" that we are to be considered and treated as righteous persons, but through a "faith that _works by love_;" that _faith_ or _belief_ which is not a mere intellectual conviction, but a _controlling purpose_ or spiritual principle which _habitually controls_ the feelings and conduct.. [American Woman's Home]

Other works are usually added to the enceinte to strengthen the weak points of the fortification, or to lengthen the siege by forcing the enemy to gain possession of them before he can breach the body of the place: these are termed _outworks_, when enveloped by the covered way, and _advanced works_, when placed exterior to the covered way, but in some way connected with the main work; but if entirely beyond the glacis, and not within supporting distance of the fortress, they are called _detached works_.. [Elements of Military Art and Science Or, Course Of Instruction In Strategy, Fortification, Tactics Of Battles, &C.; Embracing The Duties Of Staff, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, And Engineers; Adapted To The Use Of Volunteers And Militia; Third Edition; With Critical Notes On The Mexican And Crimean Wars.]

_power_, and to such works -- above all, to poems -- as might fairly be considered _works of art_ in the highest sense.. [The Posthumous Works of Thomas De Quincey, Vol. 1]

The composer's program notes had mentioned the depiction of human "affects" in works from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, suggesting this work would also examine various emotional states.. [Rodney Punt: World Premiere by Peter Golub at Chamber Music Palisades]

Almost 10 years and a new band later, we were happy to join the roster and it's surprising how many of those values from our first conversation have held true in the way that the label works, and how we've approached it as a band.. [Mike Ragogna: Fueled By Ramen's First Fifteen Years: A Conversation With Label Co-Founder John Janick, Plus FBR Band Tributes]

On the word works the moon separated entirely from the mountains.. [The Night Of the Solstice]

Helprin works from the same fallacy that the RIAA does, treating “intellectual property” as if it were physical property.. [Matthew Yglesias » Copyright Forever]

There are so many voices within the genre -- I'm not sure the label works at all.. [Review of the Day: Faeries of Dreamdark - Blackbringer]

The term works to the extent that the Islam-inspired violence is done with the objective of establishing a centralized, militarized, authoritarian Islamic government.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Islamofascism:]

Heck, just the new knowledge we've gained over the last fifty years of how the brain works is a stunning argument against God.. [Arguing in the Streets]

‘Transexual’ tends to imply that the term works inside the gender binary, while it does technically include non-gendered or androgyne individuals.. [A List Of Privilege Lists]

They are creating a library of audiobooks of public domain works from the Project Gutenberg collection.. [10,000 Ebooks]

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Your words and works take flight of their own accord. Your cur... More for Cancer


Your words and works take flight of their own accord. Your cur... More for Cancer


Your words and works take flight of their own accord. Your cur... More for Cancer

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