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Definitions of "writing"

  • The act of one who writes. noun
  • Written form: Put it in writing. noun
  • Handwriting; penmanship. noun
  • Something written, especially: noun
  • Meaningful letters or characters that constitute readable matter. noun
  • A written work, especially a literary composition. noun
  • The occupation or style of a writer. noun
  • Bible The third of the three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures, composed of Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Solomon, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Chronicles. See Table at Bible. noun
  • Present participle of write. verb
  • Graphism of symbols such as letters that express some meaning. noun
  • Something written, such as a document, article or book. noun
  • The process of representing a language with symbols or letters. noun
  • A work of an author. noun
  • The style of writing of a person. noun
  • Intended for or used in writing. noun
  • The act or art of forming letters and characters on paper, wood, stone, or other material, for the purpose of recording the ideas which characters and words express, or of communicating them to others by visible signs. noun
  • Anything written or printed; anything expressed in characters or letters. noun
  • Any legal instrument, as a deed, a receipt, a bond, an agreement, or the like. noun
  • Any written composition; a pamphlet; a work; a literary production; a book. noun

The word "writing" in example sentences

If you're writing nonfiction or memoir or something where craft is second to the information or story being conveyed then by all means have the actual *writing* part tightened up by a professional.. [Warning: Objects in Mirror May Be Less Self-Editing Than They Appear]

We take this opportunity of again begging correspondents who write to us on several subjects to oblige us by writing on separate papers; and_ (_which does not refer to_ A. L.) _by writing_ plainly, _more particularly_ proper names _and_ quotations.. [Notes and Queries, Number 75, April 5, 1851 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.]

I then showed it to the best experts in handwriting attached to the office, and called on outsiders to test their skill; but what the writing meant, _if it was writing_, was a conundrum that we all gave up.. [Lights and Shadows of New York Life or, the Sights and Sensations of the Great City]

I mean -- that you should put down in writing _all_ outgoings, and in such a way as you, or I, might easily reckon them up: I mean, so as to see what _each_ amounts to -- No man's Memory can be trusted in such matters; and I think that _your_ Memory (jostled about, as you say, with many different calls, [_sic_ no close to parenthesis] needs to have _writing_ to refer to.. [Edward FitzGerald and "Posh" "Herring Merchants"]

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.. [Excerpt: The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris]

A better basis than speaking for the metaphor of voice in writing is singing.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Hearing Voices]

I suspect the only rule in writing is that there are no rules to writing.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Some advice]

Also, visiting the library to see that my books, amongst all those novels available to the public, are being chosen and signed out reminds me that my writing is worthy of the time and energy I invest in writing my novels. on 29 Jan 2009 at 12: 03 am Julie Layne. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Reclaiming the joy of writing]

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. [Excerpt: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley]

The lack of brilliance in the writing translates as unimpressive behavior among the crew.. [TrekToday]

MCGRAW: Larry, we said earlier, there are so many things that happen in life that do what I call writing on the slate of who you are.. [CNN Transcript May 3, 2006]

A voluntary exercise, to which throughout my boyhood I was much addicted, was what I called writing histories.. [The autobiography of John Stuart Mill]

What brought Hans at this time very often to the monastery, was, that his uncle, whose turn it was to be purveyor or provider for the convent, had employed his mother to make what they called writing color or dye, for the copyist.. [The Young Emigrants; Madelaine Tube; the Boy and the Book; and Crystal Palace]

"I don't know what you call writing a book about your colleagues whilst you're actually sitting with your colleagues.". [Latest News - Yahoo!7 News]

Another trait you must encourage is what I call writing with abandon.. [MyLinkVault Newest Links]

Whether we have a highly elaborated symbolical system, such as that which appears in Chinese writing, or a form of writing which is related to sound, the chief fact regarding writing, as regarding all language, is that it depends for its value very much more upon the ideational relations into which the symbols are brought in the individual's mind than upon the impressions which they arouse.. [Introduction to the Science of Sociology]

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