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Definitions of "x-ray"

  • A relatively high-energy photon having a wavelength in the approximate range from 0.01 to 10 nanometers. noun
  • A stream of such photons, used for their penetrating power in radiography, radiology, radiotherapy, and scientific research. Often used in the plural. Also called roentgen ray. noun
  • A photograph taken with x-rays. noun
  • To irradiate with x-rays. verb-transitive
  • To photograph with x-rays. verb-transitive
  • Alternative spelling of X-ray. noun

The word "x-ray" in example sentences

Interestingly, that included a pair of scissors, a fixed knife and a camping lighter (5cm blue flame, contains gasoline), which neither the hand screening nor the x-ray inspection found.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Security Theater]

After an initial assessment, and after x-ray after x-ray, the doctors struggled to break the news.. [Katie Spotz: Girl Meets Bike]

This was ruled out when an x-ray of Pandorama's other hock proved identical.. [Lame Pandorama out of Hennessy and doubtful for Gold Cup]

All Steve Austin, Astronaut knew was that he had x-ray vision now, and could totally see through The Nurse's uniform.. [Payment Due Immediately]

Once confirmed by the system, the CLEARcard member was then taken to the front of the security line where the concierge assisted him or her with getting luggage onto the x-ray machine.. [Teresa Rodriguez Williamson: TSA Security Check Made Easier With the Return of CLEARcard]

The newly developed x-ray machine was displayed at the fair, but doctors were reluctant to use it on McKinley to search for the bullet because they did not know what side effects it might have on him.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan]

The thing that's keeping me away from the doctor right now is the fear that to rule out pnumonia, they'd order an x-ray.. [Day in the Life of an Idiot]

As Mark Spitz and his team systematically scour Lower Manhattan, we're treated to an affecting x-ray of the city's workaday guts.. [Instinct With Hellish Life]

But if you took x-ray glasses into half the duck blinds and deer camps in this country you'd find more sexy stockings than you see at the Moulin Rouge.. [Would You Wear Mantyhose?]

That point, so to speak, was driven home as my crab was emerging from the x-ray machine yesterday.. [Horseshoe Crabs and the TSA]

So when it was time to go through the TSA checkpoint yesterday morning I placed the crab in a clear plastic bag along with whatever other gels I had, dropped it in the container, crossed my fingers, walked through the metal detector and waited for it to come out the other side of the x-ray machine.. [Horseshoe Crabs and the TSA]

One specimen examined by x-ray had a large catfish in its gut, spines and all.. [New to Nature No 37: Heliotrygon stingrays]

Let's get the x-ray of our businesses, take our aspirin, prepare for any surgery, and train ourselves to win the industrial versions of the Olympic decathlon of innovations linked to environmental and energy breakthroughs.. [R. Paul Herman: Why Is Business Blind to the Potential Profits from Sustainability?]

The truth is that measurement of the environmental aspects of a business is equivalent to an x-ray or CAT scan to find the maladies in a business system and supply chain which can be addressed and cured.. [R. Paul Herman: Why Is Business Blind to the Potential Profits from Sustainability?]

Negrin reportedly passed through the screener during a training session on how to use the device, and the revealing x-ray image of him produced by the x-ray prompted teasing from coworkers, "who joked about the size of the man's genitalia," reports The Smoking Gun.. [Image Of Genitalia On Full Body Scanner Led To Assault, Police Say]

The images produced by the powerful x-ray scanners -- detailed enough to show breast implants -- have been compared to "virtual strip-searching.". [Image Of Genitalia On Full Body Scanner Led To Assault, Police Say]

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Using “X-ray” vision to hunt for letter x! -Ms. Robyn’s Class at Red Cross Elementary

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