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I played through and liked 7 and recently played through 4 on the ds and think the timing of 13 on the xbox is really good. Bleep, Bleep, Bloop, Bloop. Video Games. « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more

Now, my xbox is pretty much a ps3 with crappier graphics – it plays games, emulators, dvds, music, and can surf the internet. LSD – Dream Simulator | My[confined]Space

How did you get the xbox to run at 720p, from all I have read, the xbox is not able to show 720p, are you re-encoding? XBMC Installer Deluxe Makes The Most Of Your Modded Xbox | Lifehacker Australia

Currently the xbox is selling more because they have games. EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - The battle for second place heats up between the 360 and PS3

In terms of the xbox, those who are smart know all that xbox is is a more powerful sega dreamcast * WITH USB CONTROLLER PORTS ROLFx10000*. Microsoft ‘hacker-proof’ Xbox

The reason the first xbox is so easy to hack is because it was based on pc architecture, so obviously running emulators and burned games isnt so hard. Microsoft ‘hacker-proof’ Xbox

I called xbox and they said i'm still on warrenty and I don't think my roomate is though. Eurogamer

I called xbox support and they told me to go to a certain screen and pull up factory statement and then punch in the following code with my controller. GameBattles News

I called xbox to change my region bc my credit card and they said no. i just made a new account. hope it helped. GameBattles News

a day in the life, weather, weekend wonders, xbox is xctasy So much for the afterglow, woah

i trongly like xbox 360 as the winner of the next gen consoles because the most important thing for a gamer is the graphic quality and it is proven that xbox 360 performs much2 greater graphical quality than the poor ps3. and please do not apeal that many famous games are released on p3 only because many great games also published in xbox 360. glory2 xbox 360!! — ronaldo And the Winner of the Game Console Wars Is…. - Bits Blog -

They’ll see that the xbox is cheaper, buy that, and continue to buy things for it, even though they’re expensive, but they’ll bypass the ‘total’ cost … Or at least, that’s in the high-school market of ‘those guys who sit around and play halo 2 and buy iPods.’ EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - The Xbox 360 Experience Comes with $650 Price Tag?

I'll be able to purchase a new drive, format and lock it to my specific xbox via Windows PC, load it with my replicated xbox HDD from my 2.5 External, and then load it back in xbox. hakujin1 hakujin1 XBMC 9.04 “Babylon” Updates For All Supported Platforms | Lifehacker Australia

Jared calls xbox customer support about a liquid around his xbox that is giving is cat epileptic seizures - Business News

Jared calls xbox customer support about a liquid around his xbox that is giving is cat epileptic seizures - Financial News

What does xbox mean?

What does the word xbox mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word xbox in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with xbox and anagrams of xbox.

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