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What does the word y-all mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word y-all in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with y-all and anagrams of y-all.

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    Oh nooo, we dont want this, no more spoilers please, god y-all are ruining the movie for us.. [Twilight Lexicon » Rob, Taylor, and Kristen at MTV Movie Awards]

    By the way, in case y-all forgot, we are in this mess because of Bush & Cheney's refusal to follow the Constitution, enforce the laws and their ability to increase the deficit by 500% in less than 8 years.. [Two health care bill liberal holdouts to say 'yes']

    I thought y-all might want to become better acquainted, that's all.. [The Time Traveler's Wife]

    When the gathering numbered twenty or so, Will explained that St. Catherine's was part of a larger organizing effort and that -we want you to talk to your neighbors about all the things y-all complain about when you're sitting at the kitchen table.. [Dreams From My Father]

    So if y-all are interested in jobs, then you can help by spreading the message about this here plan.. [Dreams From My Father]

    Once we got a done deal, then y-all announce it any way you like.. [Dreams From My Father]

    After he checked it, he pointed southeast rather than due south. -y-all are on the road to Rockville -- fifteen miles, maybe a tad more.. [The Guns Of The South]

    Y-all care about me like you was my brothers, and y-all keep th" officers from findin" out what I am" -- her wry grin flashed again -- " -cause you know blamed well I ain't your sister.. [The Guns Of The South]

    "You're a Southerner yourself now, Henry, like it or not, even if you can't say -y-all, " and come to that, the blacks in the U.S.A. aren't having an easy time of it, either, if you can believe the papers.. [The Guns Of The South]

    "Those the repeaters the bad-tempered feller was showin" off to y-all yesterday?. [The Guns Of The South]

    Thanks for being there and leaving the odd comment or joining in a little chin wag with each other y-all. []

    The applause was rich and full, and then two thin white boys came out and performed a rap tribute to a dead firefighter who had graduated from the school ten years earlier (-y-all seen it on television/them boys packin" some heroism-). [The Zero]

    "So I want y-all to listen to his safety instructions extra carefully.. [Cold Case]

    "What y-all are trying to do with job training needs to fit into the overall comprehensive development plan I've been working on.. [Dreams From My Father]

    Y-all had to do it, y-all was jest doin" y-all's job.. [Skinny Legs and All]

    "And I wish the rest of y-all would consider coming with me.. [Even Cowgirls Get The Blues]

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    @hope2stayfree: You are right and what is next, Snipes will play the RACE Card, whinning ' I am just a poor Black Woman and y-all are pi…


    You are right and what is next, Snipes will play the RACE Card, whinning ' I am just a poor Black Woman and y-all a…


    @2400DUO y'all = y-all, Ya'll = ya-all ya is slang for you. 😈 ✌💚😁

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    The Many Meanings of
    The Many Meanings of "Y'all"
    Yall feat. Gabriela Richardson - Hundred Miles (Official Video)
    Yall feat. Gabriela Richardson - Hundred Miles (Official Video)
    Y'all mind if I praise the lord?
    Y'all mind if I praise the lord?

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