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Definitions and meanings of "Yankee"

What do we mean by yankee?

A headsail resembling a genoa or a jib but with a high-cut clew, normally used together with a staysail. A sailing boat is typically equipped with three yankee sails of different sizes, number one being the largest.

The word is a derogatory term used to describe Americans by the Brits, Canadians, Australians and the like; but in the USA used to define an American from the Northern States in the USA, such as New England and the Mid-West. It was most notably used to describe to the Federal Solders and other Northerners by the Confederates during the Civil War Era. Even though some foreigner’s refer to all American’s as Yankees, does not make it so. Call a Southerner a Yankee and he’ll think you’re either just plain dumb or that you are trying to pick a fight. The characteristics often associated with a stereotypical Yankee are shrewdness, thrift, craftiness, rudeness, arrogance, and loudness. Urban Dictionary

A northerner that have very thick accents and are often quite stuck-up. They typically think that they are walking geniuses and act like they know EVERYTHING which can be quite irritating. Yankees often think they have the right to travel to southern states and get the 'right' to try to correct southern 'rednecks' on how to speak, or what 'proper' grammar is. Yankees are often very judgemental of the southern 'rednecks' and put many of them down because they have accents or dont use proper grammar when really it's just the way that the southerners were raised, and assume that all southerners are 'uneducated, incestuous, and racist'. Yankees also have problems admitting when they are wrong and saying sorry, instead they choose to be smartasses about things. (not all northerners/yankees are like this, but the vast majority of them are) Urban Dictionary

1) A group of millions of Americans, that are from the Northern states of the USA. 2) What british people call americans. also called yanks Urban Dictionary

A total douche bag who is from (typically) new york. They are rude people and all they give a shit about is money. They could care less about anything important in this world except from themselves and they aren't important at all considering NY is so full of these pricks that if one dies theres always a backup for his sorry ass. 1. Yankees hate the south from birth for no reason at all but they move down here and bother us all with their stuck-up asses and act like they all of a sudden own the place. 2. You can never have fun with a yankee because they are such uptight sons of bitches that anything you try to do with them besides watch a mafia movie or argue with them about stupid shit like how southerners are such rednecks they will always complain about something, even the tiniest thing. 3. Yankees are known for their repulsive attitudes and characteristics such as bitching about stuff that should not be bitched about. 4. a typical yank will try to cause a problem with anybody for no reason at all, especially a southerner. 5. Yankees are hypocritical people. Urban Dictionary

1. Any persons from a northern state, who takes it upon themselves to put down southern states (and southern residents) by making illogical comments. 2. A loud mouth who can't resist that urge to put down southern states by using out-dated stereotypes and offensive terms. Urban Dictionary

I believe the proper name for them are "Damn Yankees". Damn yankees are a disgrace to america. They are mostly known for thier rude manners and unfriendly ways. They clame that the South is a horrible place to live, filled with "Rednecks" (a term which can be found very offensive), and yet, there are thousands of them that move down here! I believe that they should all just move their liberal butts back up to where they came from, and leave us alone. Urban Dictionary

1. when said in the south a person from the northern part of the united states typically new england 2. when said in any other part of the english speaking world anyone from the united states Urban Dictionary

A person who is: An American From the Northern U.S. A player for the New York Yankees or a fan of theirs A person from NYC A girl who wears a short skirt and has bleached hair (in Japan) Can also be spelled yanki Urban Dictionary

A person who is acting like they are the shit. Urban Dictionary

A complete moron born in the north (which is where most morons are from) he thinks that the south is full of rednecks who dont know anything even though it is odviuos that they are better then them. Urban Dictionary

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The word "yankee" in example sentences

The term yankee was invented by British soldiers in the seventeenth century as an epithet against bawdy Dutch pirates in the West Indies. ❋ Thaddeus Russell (2010)

In the six New England states, a yankee is somebody who eats pie for breakfast. ❋ Cristalia (2007)

June 8th, 2006 at 1: 31 pm amy says: yankee is gringo ❋ Unknown (2006)

The azteca language is used everyday - chocolate, tomato, metate, even the word yankee is a nahuatl word, it means stranger. ❋ Unknown (2006)

See that's my point Anna why do you need to call the yankee's stupid? ❋ Unknown (2009)

On November 21st, 2009 at 10: 15 am heather trammell said: it's called yankee pot pie (at least my family does) and its saltine crackers broken up with gravy poured over it .. its simple but tastes really good! ❋ Unknown (2009)

The reason I put quotes around "yankee" is because, in Texas, any US accent that is not Texan or Southern is considered a "yankee" accent. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Perhaps from fear of falling in with the grittier stereotypes so moften loved, then charicatured and mocked by the media and genral "yankee" populuos ... ❋ Unknown (2007)

The reason I put "yankee" in quotes is because, in Texas, any US accent that isn't Texan or Southern is considered a "yankee" accent. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I grew up in an openly, even proudly racist and insular society where the term "yankee" was often used to describe those from areas of the United States outside of the south. ❋ Unknown (2006)

According to the links below, the origin of the word "yankee" is not known for sure, and the idea that it may have originated among American Indians is just one among many. ❋ Unknown (2006)

I had to listen to incessant jokes about bringing a "yankee" into the family (and one with a really long Italian last name that still solicits the same, tired comments on a DAILY basis), and after 12 years his mother continues to call me a "Southern Belle." ❋ Unknown (2005)

My dear Bennie and all my other "yankee" friends (although ben-wah will fiercely deny she's a yankee with that firey southern attitude) to an australian, everyone in the US is a yankee. ❋ Lily-white (2002)

The laziest kind of yankee-doodle cold-warrior russophobia imaginable - wheeled out by ❋ Terry Macalister (2011)

If you don't like Southern Hip-Hop, you're either racist or some kind of yankee tool. ❋ Ian (2010)

Latin American leaders welcomed Obama's moves but were expected to push for bolder steps in ending the embargo, a 47-year-old controversial policy widely seen as punitive "yankee" bullying. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Many survivors describe hearing their torturers talking to and getting instructions from people in nearby rooms who had "yankee" accents. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Right. on 05/16/2009, -4/+7Oh please - if someone tried to stop a southerner from using the word "yankee" as a derogatory term, he'd quickly find himself picking his teeth up from off the ground. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Kind of how "yankee" was a slur the English used against us but we took it from them, and made it our own. ❋ Unknown (2009)

To cat, however, was not my intention, acting upon the impulse of the "yankee" who informed king George, on being commanded to uncover before royalty, that Americans never bowed to any man -- especially when they stood in his kitchen -- whilst the master of the house seemed to say, as I cast my eyes towards the bar-room, "we don't allow niggers in here!" ❋ Unknown (1846)

To foreigners, a Yankee is an American. To Americans, a Yankee is a Northerner. To Easterners, a Yankee is a [New Englander]. To [New Englanders], a Yankee is a [Vermonter]. And in Vermont, a Yankee is somebody who eats pie for breakfast ❋ OneBadAsp (2006)

yankee: [excuse me] but please use [proper grammar] in MY presence (even though I'm the one that has traveled all the way to YOUR area I still have the right to correct you, cause like, [I'm better than you]) okay? ❋ Msc28 (2010)

1) Some [southerners] are tired of the huge yankee [migration] that's coming down south. 2)British dude: I just [saw 2] yankees.. ❋ Ac (2005)

1. A [yankee] family just moves into a southern Georgia neighborhood, father and mother are lawyers and kids are typical yankee kids, who play video games and watch mafia movies all day spoiled as hell who have never been outdoors. At first site of anybody outdoors they consider them a 'dirty redneck' and they consider anybody who doesn't take a shower 3 times a day a dirty person. They criticize everybody in the neighborhood for not having perfect 50 dollar haircuts and almost despise daily clothing (jeans and a [white shirt]) and consider anybody who doesn't wear a 3 piece suit every day an unemployed or low-class redneck. 2. Hey man come back out here let me show you [my garden]. [Yankee]: "Man I don't wanna get my new shoes dirty even tho I got 12 other pairs at home and buy more every week for no fucking reason at all". A yankee family at the beach. "Yo pop check out this [wata], its all salty and shit I ain't [gettin in] dis fuckin wata, this shit is [freezin]." 3. A bunch of [yankees] had their phone line knocked out because of a [thunderstorm]. In NY where they belong they would go 'oh powers out again' because it always happens in that big cesspool of douchebags they call nyc but in the south they will automatically go crazy and blame it on the stupid redneck engineers and how they don't know how to properly construct phone lines. They will talk as if they could do it themselves but the first thing they do is pick up their cell phones and call the phone company cursing them out in their annoying sqwaking accents saying 'whats wrong with you guys ya dont know how to fix a phoneline? We just moved and and the first thing that happens is the fuckin power goes out what dont you know how to properly place phonlines or somethin ya morons? Huh? Ya [stupid dumbass] how much is it gonna cost me to get this fixed...ridiculous". They act as if they are the only ones in the neighborhood who lost power and they treat the people as if we all conspired to have their phone line or whatever the fuck it is that they are [bellyaching] about to piss them off. 4. My family was coming out of an iHop one time up in NY when we took a [summer vacation]. Some [yank] opened the door for us and my father said thank you but the guy didn't hear him so he went off on us like a fucking asshole. He started cussing and asking us a million questions at a time like all yankees do when they get angry and we're just like what the fuck is your problem. He was saying 'what don't ya fuckin know how to say thank you? Huh? Ya fuckin [asswipe] [I hate people] like you'. Typical asshole yankee. 5. A yankee will drive down the road and if someone cuts him off he will start yelling and honking his horn, after the 'asshole who cut him off' has gone on they will talk to themselves or their family about it for the rest of the car ride, even if its a 6 hour trip to [VA Beach]. They'll say shit like "what a fucking asshole cant ya see [Im driving] here you asshole? You got a fucking problem with my driving huh? These fucking hicks in the south cant drive for shit". At that same moment they will cut somebody else off and when that car [honks] their horn at [the yanks] they will start screaming at them saying 'what the fuck asshole dont ya know how to drive! Cant ya see Im turning here asswipe!?". Assholes they are the lot of them, and by the way, if you ever see a tag from NY on the road, get the fuck away from him. You will either a: Suffer [from road] rage because of his moronic driving or b: Get killed in a car crash because they have no idea how to drive whatsoever. And if you ever have a yankee move in next to you, don't try to befriend them. They love their privacy because once again they are [unsocial] assholes who work all day and make a bunch of money for no reason at all. I know [a yank] and he told me he thought the reason yankees don't like southerners is because 'they are too personal. Its like they wanna know my fucking family when [we move] in and we want our privacy damn rednecks leave us alone". I told him it was called [being friendly] but I guess he didnt get the concept. Typical stupid yank :) ❋ Annoyed Of Yankee Bastards (2008)

1. "This [new dick] head at school must be a [yankee]" 2. " I thought I heard a pissed off bird, but it was just a [Yankee] [squawking] about The South, which ironically is where they just moved to." ❋ 3xRRR (2008)

[Damn yankees] take up mostly the entire [northern] part of [the U].S. ❋ #1 Southern Belle (2006)

1. [in florida] most people [hate all] the yankee tourists visiting from their state and complaining about how much better it is in ohio or wherever 2. in anywhere else most people [probly] hate yaankees for the same reasons ❋ Burgerking2 (2006)

I am [proud] to an [American]. I'm a [Yankee]! ❋ Sangochan (2007)

[That bitch] is a yankee ❋ Neva Scared (2005)

yankee- where so much [smarter] then you [rednecks] southner- your a [dumbass]yankee- i know ❋ Mr. Abcde (2006)

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