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The act of messing something up so bad you want to cry  Urban Dictionary

It’s the same as yeah or yes.  Urban Dictionary

Hasn't anyone ever seen Kate Hepburn in The Philadephia Story? Yar - when a boat is trim, responsive, and in all ways lively in handling.  Urban Dictionary

1. Pirate's greeting. 2. Interjection used by pirates. 3. Expression of great joy. 4. Jubulant greeting.  Urban Dictionary

The traditional, affirmative pirate-speak usage of "yar" has become antiquated. The contemporary definitions are as follows: 1. Among snowboarders and skiiers, it is a synonym for the colloquial word "gnar," referring to snow. 2. Drawing off the previous definition, yar has recently started to represent coke (cocaine) (aka snow).  Urban Dictionary

In languages of Urdu (spoken in Pakistan) and Hindi (spoken in India) it means a friend. Similar to the word "bud" or "buddy" in the English language.  Urban Dictionary

A word to express acceptance or agreement. Can be used in place of "yes". Mostly used among pirates.  Urban Dictionary

Yars is an expression used when one is in an elated state. The word is a combination of "Yeah" and "Rawr". When used properly, Yars can induce mass gratification to those who hear it. It creates pure happiness.  Urban Dictionary

Also means on the level...when a ship is said to be Yar, she's perfectly loaded and level from stem to stern and port to starboard.  Urban Dictionary

Nearly rhetorical affirmative response to someone else's observation. Often muttered by pirates.  Urban Dictionary

The word "yar��" in example sentences

How to use yar�� in a sentence? Example sentences with the yar��, a sentence example for yar��, and how to make yar�� in sample sentence, how do I use the word yar�� in a sentence? How do you spell yar�� in a sentence?

I yar yarred our date and now I’m really sad ❋ Jake The Board (2017)

Sally: do you want a hamburger Mayson: Yar Yar ❋ SketchSkyl3r (2021)

"My, she was yar." ❋ Sinurgie (2004)

1. "Yar, maties, to-day we sail to the Dry Tortugas!" 2. "Yar, whirrs me cutlass? I got an itch, yar. Yar, I need to do laundry!" 3. "YAR! I just won the lottery!" 4. "Yar, Fred, hows it going?" ❋ CHRIS (2003)

1. I shredded so much yar today. The pow was fresh! 2. Let's call up your dealer to buy some yar. ❋ Addison_ (2015)

1- Hey yar, whats chillin! ❋ Ahsan Upal (2004)

Guy: You know what I mean? Dude: Yar. ❋ Big Indian (2003)

Billy and I had the best date ever!! I've never had so much fun in my life. Yars!! ❋ Kleither (2010)

Aye, the old girls yar lads so let's cast off and be on with it ❋ Rik (2004)

Passerby: Thee's a steering wheel sticking out of your pants! Pirate: Yar, it's driving me nuts... ❋ Looger (2004)

What does yar�� mean?

What does the word yar�� mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word yar�� in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with yar�� and anagrams of yar��. Looking for online definition of yar�� in the dictionary? Yar�� explanation free. What is yar��? Meaning of yar�� term.

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