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Definitions and meanings of "Yarpie"

What do we mean by yarpie?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word yarpie. Define yarpie, yarpie synonyms, yarpie pronunciation, yarpie translation, English dictionary definition of yarpie.

Slang name for A south African. Urban Dictionary

Insulting term for white South Africans, particularly uncouth, rural Afrikaners. Urban Dictionary

A white South African Urban Dictionary

Slang name for a South African Urban Dictionary

To be aggressive or act like a bitch towards someone, damn well knowing you will get slapped up. Similar to when someone harps on you. Urban Dictionary

Woman of south african origin. a total bunny-boiling freak who wont stop phoning / emailing me even when I tell her to fuck off! she also claims that we have been going out for six weeks although I only saw her twice. Has absolutely no self respect and doesnt understand that 'I never want to talk to you again' means I never want to talk to you again'. Urban Dictionary

Nickname of the One and Only Kyle Tanner. A South African Rugby and Cricket Player that Owns in both sports. He's Unstopable! Urban Dictionary

Some term Harley uses after drinking copious amounts of beer Urban Dictionary

A term used for Yes , or I totally agree. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Yarpie

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The word "yarpie" in example sentences

Try calling a real yarpie a 'Yarpie' and watch what happens. ❋ Unknown (2009)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

"You're not in [Bloemfontein] now you Yarpie bastard - now [get back] to cleaning the [toilets]." ❋ Mr Gronk (2008)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

He is a Yarpie and his [mate] is [a Yank] ❋ Xssy (2004)

Dont get [yarpy] [with me] bro. I'll [slap the shit] out you. ❋ Academiclace (2020)

Me: [Justin] there is this fucking south [african] [freak] bird following me around. Justin: Tell that yarpy to fuck off dude! ❋ Dedlymonkey (2004)

[England] [Scored] another [Try] Yarpie! ❋ Anon (2004)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

Person 1 : Did you [slap] him in the face yet? Person 2 : Yarpy karpy :) Person 1 : [And did] you get a [fail] ? Person 2 : Yarpy karpy , i always get fails. ❋ Hawk Girl (2009)

Cross Reference for Yarpie

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What does yarpie mean?

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