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Definitions of "years"

  • Plural form of year. noun
  • An unusually long time noun
  • a prolonged period of time noun
  • the time during which someone's life continues noun
  • a late time of life noun

The word "years" in example sentences

"I think the next two years – literally the next two years_ are going to determine whether this state falls apart politically and fiscally," said Democrat John Kitzhaber, who's running for a third term as governor of Oregon after an eight-year hiatus from elected office.. [The Comeback Kids Of 2010?: Five Gubernatorial Candidates Who Want Their Old Jobs Back]

That set the stage for 24 years of Clinton-Bush-Clinton, and an arranged marraige between Chelsea and Jeb's boy, George P. George P will be 40 in 2016, and will be elected President with Chelsea as his Vice President to form a truly imperial Presidency that will span an incredible ** 44 years** once Chelsea is elected and re-elected in 2024 and 2028.. [Bill Clinton: Hillary Will Call Upon Bush 41]

Knowledge…..years I think you mean the need for teachers is fast growing in the recent years right?. [can you please proof read my essay? « Literacy Skills « Literacy Help « Literacy News]

Myanmar military junta sentenced nine monks to two years 'imprisonment yahooBuzzArticleHeadline =' Myanmar military junta sentenced nine monks to two years\ 'imprisonment'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: Nine Buddhist monks in Burma face 2 years in jail since July sentence.'. [Myanmar military junta sentenced nine monks to two years' imprisonment]

Eight years of undergraduate and three years+ of seminary leading into low paying jobs of often questionable security.. [You've gone to the best schools, gotten the best grades, now why can't you get a good job being a good person for a good salary?]

But here in the Natural History Museum in London is this little pair of insect jaws that was already a couple of hundred million years old when Stegosaurus first appeared -- that has endured, flimsy as it was, for _four hundred million years_ -- a ragged pair of jaws, yes, but very durable.. [Asimov's Science Fiction]

Suzi was sentenced under the Youth Corrections Act (0-6 years; eligible for parole at any time, but the sentence was later reduced to one year), and I was sentenced to one year to be served on and after the completion of my present sentence of four years….. [Letter from the Boston Two]

Dick says he organized an aviation department there and won some kind of a prize for an improved model and in the midst of it all, Susanne, Philip's grandfather up and died, after quarreling for years and _years_ with the whole family, and left Philip _all_ his money!. [Diane of the Green Van]

_ This in forty-two years, the eight being subtracted from the fifty, would amount to just _six years_.. [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 1 of 4]

This in forty-two years, (the eight being subtracted from the fifty) would amount to just _six years_.. [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 1 of 4]

Sophia Peverel, aged three years; admitted for _Meningitis_ -- _suckled two years_.. [Remarks on the Subject of Lactation]

This they do above all on the sixth day of the moon, from whence they date the beginnings of their months, of their years, and of their thirty years’ cycle, because by the sixth day the moon has plenty of vigour and has not run half its course.. [Chapter 65. Balder and the Mistletoe]

About nine years ago, before I had seen America, a relative of mine came home after twelve years’ farming in North Dakota, and I was struck by the resemblance between his speech and that of the Irish drovers who brought cattle to Norwich market.. [Chapter 3. The Period of Growth. 4. Loan-Words and Non-English Influences]

Paris alone contains acres of it, and the neighborhood within fifty miles contains scores of churches where the student may still imagine himself three hundred years old, kneeling before the Virgin’s window in the silent solitude of an empty faith, crying his culp, beating his breast, confessing his historical sins, weighed down by the rubbish of sixty-six years’ education, and still desperately hoping to understand.. [Vis Nova (1903–1904)]

Four days after the October States had voted (October 17), the President issued a proclamation calling for 300,000 volunteers “for three years or the war, not however exceeding three years”; if the number was not filled by volunteers, recourse should be had to the draft.. [Chapter VIII]

During the years of his educational and sociological experimenting he had done little writing; but now he resumed fiction, and produced after several years’ labor, his two greatest novels, “War and Peace” (1864–1869), a study of the Napoleonic campaign in Russia, and “Anna Karenin” (1876).. [Biographical Note]

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