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Definitions of "yerself"

  • Alternative form of yourself. pronoun

The word "yerself" in example sentences

An 'it's yerself is the thrue Welse, for all yer prize-fighter's muscles an' yer philosopher's brains.. [CHAPTER I]

"What kind of a feller do you call yerself!" he exclaimed, looking very hard up at Halse.. [When Life Was Young At the Old Farm in Maine]

Well, what do you call yerself -- all yaller and huddled up like a sick monkey in a hurricane.. [Syd Belton The Boy who would not go to Sea]

Yeah alright tramline or whatever you call yerself ... you messed up yer bed at 6am and matron hasnt come in yet to clean you up!! rofl!!. []

"You're a rum un ter call yerself a man and a husban '-- you are!". [A Sheaf of Corn]

"You call yerself a man," says I, "an 'you ain't fit ter clean the drains aht.". [Liza of Lambeth]

"John McGillis, do ye call yerself a widdy now, or do ye not call yerself a widdy?". [The Cobbler In The Devil's Kitchen From "Mackinac And Lake Stories", 1899]

I feel pathetic, I envisage John Wayne sneering down on me "call yerself a man, yer yeller!".. [Bipolar Mo - A blog of manic depression in the UK]

She likely knows something more—if ye be wantin’ to find that stone yerself, that is.. [Tempted by Your Touch]

Call yerself a critic if you like, but to my way o’ thinkin’, you and your kind is nothin’ but a bunch o’ varminous crickets—useless little critters that ain’t got nothin’ better to do than pester other folks with a lot of bothersome noise.. [Nevermore]

And ye're calling yerself the folk o 'God-bah, but ye're just a pack of scared dogs, ye are! ". [Mortalis]

Now strain yer little brain and ask yerself which is more of a threat.. [Propeller Most Popular Stories]

"An 'yer call yerself a man and can sit theer a doin' o 'that.. [The Idler Magazine, Volume III, June 1893 An Illustrated Monthly]

D'ye call yerself a man to hit a woman, an 'her yer wife? ". [Jess of the Rebel Trail]

"Yer dad's sure to know of yer whereabouts, even though ye call yerself Betty Bean.. [Jess of the Rebel Trail]

"I believe ye called yerself a lawyer, Mr. Page, an 'from Boston.. [Uncle Terry A Story of the Maine Coast]

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