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The word "yourn" in example sentences

It's manufactured by the J. and T. Arms Company; yourn is manufactured by the J. and T. Arms Company.. [THE MAN ON THE OTHER BANK]

I reckon that thar satchel o 'yourn's got the wuth o' my bill in it.. [The Continental Monthly, Vol. 1, No. 2, February, 1862 Devoted To Literature And National Policy]

'Them floodgates o' yourn'll be middlin 'far down the brook by now; an' your rose-garden have gone after 'em.. [A Diversity of Creatures]

Tek dishyer cunjah-bag o 'yourn' fo 'I gwine drap hit.. [The Price]

I count 'tis very nigh as bad as the treadmills, serving a young miss such as yourn be.. [Six Plays]

"Them stockin's o 'yourn' ll be the death o 'Santa Claus!" he shouts after them, as they dodge.. [Children of the Tenements]

I'd see you hanged fust, said I; I wouldn't touch that are dead tacky hand o 'yourn' for half a million o 'hard dollars, cash down without any ragged eends; and with that, I turned to run out, but Lord love you I couldn't run.. [The Attaché; or, Sam Slick in England — Complete]

o 'yourn' z been tryin 't' ketch a fellah 'n a slippernoose,' n 'got ketched himself, -- that's all.. [Complete Project Gutenberg Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Works]

"No, you would n't want to wear that pretty blue dress o 'yourn' way up country.. [The Great Expedition]

"Joe, ef ye'll come inter ther baggage room, I'll see ef thet express parcel o 'yourn's in thar.. [A Pagan of the Hills]

"Here, Dana!" he called, and, as we were glad to remember, all the aliens in the crowd could hear, "I guess that hoss o 'yourn's gittin' a mite balky.. [Meadow Grass Tales of New England Life]

"Now look a-here, Skates; that stock o 'yourn's good workin'-stock, but they're tirrible hard feeders.. [Vesty of the Basins]

"No, you wouldn't want to wear that pretty blue dress o 'yourn' way up country.. [The Country of the Pointed Firs]

"That air stick o 'yourn's better'n a whole rigimint of doctors fer the blues.. [Queer Stories for Boys and Girls]

"Say, Whiskers, how'd ye keep the night dew out of that nose o 'yourn?". [THE PRINCESS]

` An 'may yeh be damned,' sez he to her, an 'then to me, ` Jim, yeh — yeh git outen them good duds o' yourn; I want a right peart slice o 'thet forty acre ploughed 'fore dinner.'. [TO THE MAN ON THE TRAIL]

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潤くんがきのこ党党首だったら、よほどの人がたけのこ党の党首にならないとねぇ…。 というか、私は最初からきのこ党なんだけど*ˊᵕˋ) 食べ方……NAKEDきのこやりたくて失敗して、よく( ´△`)アァ-ってなってる。 いったんFACE OFFにするのも好きよ♡


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You'ren Yourn


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