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Definitions of "youthful"

  • Characterized by youth; young. adjective
  • Of, relating to, or suggesting youth. See Synonyms at young. adjective
  • In an early stage of development; new. adjective
  • Geology Young: a youthful streambed. adjective
  • Young or seeming young. adjective
  • Characteristic of young people. adjective
  • Not yet mature or aged; young. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to the early part of life; suitable to early life adjective
  • Fresh; vigorous, as in youth. adjective
  • In physical geography, exhibiting an early stage of the geographical cycle; young.
  • Possessing or characterized by youth; not yet aged; not yet arrived at mature years; being in the early stage of life; young; juvenile.
  • Pertaining or belonging or suitable to the early part of life: as, youthful days; youthful age.
  • Fresh and vigorous, as in youth.
  • Early in time.
  • =Syn.1-3. Youthful, Juvenile, Boyish, Puerile. Youthful is generally used in a good sense: as, youthful looks or sports; juvenile indifferently, but if in a bad sense not strongly so: as, the poem was a rather juvenile performance; boyish rather more often, but not necessarily, in some contempt: as, a boyish manner; boyish enthusiasm; puerile always in marked contempt, as a synonym for silly.
  • suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh adjective

The word "youthful" in example sentences

And I spoke with so much animation that Uncle Max smiled at what he called my youthful enthusiasm.. [Uncle Max]

It is a solitary remnant of what you call my youthful prejudices which inspires me with angry thoughts at the sight of any atrocious act.. [Faust's Leben, Thaten und Höllenfahrt. English]

He said he sees no connection between the fires and the incident, which he characterized as youthful mischief.. [Latest Headlines - ABC 7 News]

It had a restrained, delicate perfume and showed well but was still firmly wrapped in youthful tannins.. [Dominus Estate winery, Napa Valley - photo post | Dr Vino's wine blog]

I recently stumbled upon a call for submissions (might be NSFW) at wasaak/an exercise in youthful blasphemy, the blog of author Adam David.. [New Genre Review: Call for Submissions « BAHAY TALINHAGA]

In essence, it sort of gives an up to date credence to the influence and freshness of what is currently occurring in youthful circles today.. [Albures, or Dirty Spanish 101]

As much as I liked the wine, its pleasures were still tightly wound in youthful tannins, which are bitter.. [When Nebbiolo’s not for newbies – and toward a general theory of bitter | Dr Vino's wine blog]

Broadly speaking, these studies detect an incipient radicalism in youthful departures from the hegemonic stylistic norms of the white middle class — in music, dress, speech patterns, courtship and sexual behavior, and many other elements of individual identity.. [Manhood in the Age of Aquarius: Masculinity in Two Countercultural Communities, 1965–83]

But a joy it is, so much greater because all those who ever shared anything with me, whether in youthful play or in earnest endeavor, they are so glad, all of them!. [Lars Onsager - Banquet Speech]

Despite a certain youthful immaturity, it carries weight as a contemporary document and as a personal confession.. [Nobel Prize in Literature 1955 - Presentation Speech]

His thoughts were bitter when he saw other young girls swinging along the highway reveling in youthful strength that seemed to mock the helplessness of his own sweet girl.. [Winona: A Tale of Negro Life in the South and Southwest]

At my age, and with my experience of the world, it costs one such a wild effort to/believe/in youthful enthusiasm,. [New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle]

"Did ye speak of chances for me?" cried Kirsteen in youthful fury.. [Kirsteen: The Story of a Scotch Family Seventy Years Ago]

Does Annabel still pine for you? asked Rose, recalling certain youthful jokes upon the subject of unrequited affections.. [Rose in Bloom]

"They can, for I've done it!" and Mrs. Bhaer laughed at the remembrance of certain youthful frolics.. [Little Men: Life at Plumfield With Jo's Boys]

Now, the Hepsy thus spoken of was the luckless woman whom Sam's easy temper, and a certain youthful reputation for being a capable fellow, had led years before into the snares of matrimony with him, in consequence of which she was encumbered with the bringing up of six children on very short rations.. [Oldtown Folks]

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@babyhoneuy: harry as appollo.described as being an inhumanly handsome god, ideal of kuros, meaning he is beardless with a youthful appe…


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@babyhoneuy: harry as appollo.described as being an inhumanly handsome god, ideal of kuros, meaning he is beardless with a youthful appe…

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  • Character8
  • Hyphenation youth ful


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