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Yahoo that shit  Urban Dictionary

Abbreviated version of Youtube. Also can be used as Utube.  Urban Dictionary

Short for whiteys. Often used by people of color on social media  Urban Dictionary

An abbreviation of "white people" as "whities" (YTs) . Popular on TikTok, often has a negative connotation.  Urban Dictionary

Something you typed into google or bing because you were too lazy to type in youtube, but you accidentally clicked on the youtube channel named YT  Urban Dictionary

White person ie whitey  Urban Dictionary

Youtube: Broadcast Yourself. A website to talk, and make friends, as well as having every video you could ever think of watching. Has almost every song or comedy clip, ever created. Sort of like myspace, you can edit your channel, make friends, send messages, write about yourself, but is more centred around those who have a similar interest, and rather than adding your real friends, as you would on myspace, you add other people who are interested in the same stuff. You can share videos, make videos, post them on youtube, and tag them, as in photobucket and tinypic.  Urban Dictionary

Young ting specialist is a term used in the 21st century to define a person who likes to talk to a younger generation .  Urban Dictionary

(Whitey) a word used for caucasians.  Urban Dictionary

Means “white” or “white person” many tiktok weirdos use this term for no fucking reason or maybe they are to lazy to type white. Then other tiktok weirdos proceed to argue about it because people have nothing better to do.  Urban Dictionary

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Drented [119] of alle yts swolynge [120] owndes [121] shalle bee;   ❋ Thomas Chatterton (N/A)

The fifth wonder is Mamtour wch is a high hill that Looks Exactly round, but on the side next Castleton wch is a Little town in the High Peake on that side its all broken that it Looks just in resemblance as a great Hay-Ricke yts Cut down one halfe on one side – that describes it most naturall.   ❋ Unknown (1888)

Sometymes indeed if the Subject is oppress'd he may appeale to another Court yts higher, as from the sessions to the assizes, thence to the Kings Bench, thence to ye Chancery, or the Parliament House which when a matter has there been Debated and decided there Can be noe more done in it because they are the makers of the Laws so best able to Interpret.   ❋ Unknown (1888)

This is ye pitt Coale, yts Cloven and burns Like a Candle, and makes white ashes Like ye Scotch-Coale.   ❋ Unknown (1888)

In the town there is an hospitall yts Called ye Trinity house, for Seamens widdows, 30 is their Completmt, their allowance 16d pr weeke and ffewell, they have a little Chapple to it for prayers; over this building is a large roome for Cordage and sailes, where they make them and keep their Stores.   ❋ Unknown (1888)

Ich did compose a response, the which must, by yts nature, go out upon this blogge:   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Oonly whimsy, swashbucklinge, poesie, fin amor -- and, certes, shootinge an arrowe so that yt catcheth the sleeve of a hapless corrupt official -- can pusshe asyde the burlap of dailye lyf and disclose the wondirs of beautee and glorie at yts centir.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Ye maye take apart an astrolabe and undirstond the natur of yts operacioun (and Ich have a smal tretis on that topique ywrit), but ther ys a maner of rough cloth that covereth the good fayre fruit of the world of fayerye, the which nat the gretest historian, nor even the joyned myghte of every historyan that ever did a footnote wryte, kan teare apart (thogh thei be mighty at arm-wrestling).   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Robin Hood existeth as seurelye as green hattes, stylishe sworde-pleye, and roguish good lookes existen, and ye know that thei abounden and yive to yower lyf yts gretest plesaunce and joie.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

For mutual fund buyers, there are plenty that are up 15\%+ yts and paying over 14\% divs.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Ana. yts ordinarie for men to pretend offences when they ought, and will not make restitution.   ❋ Unknown (1792)

Mt good Coben, — I am glad yt pleaseth our heavenly father to continew your health in these Northern parts; yts a bleBsing which calleth for thanks to heaven, for manie haue mett with much eicknes vppon the change of the ayre.   ❋ Unknown (1792)

The Holic There u likewife particular mention of the Holie Ghoft in fome places, yts Ghoft. i.   ❋ Unknown (1609)

There is an ascent of 5 or 6 steps all stone to ye gates, and so you proceed on a broad paved walke wch is divided by a Cross walke of ye same towards ye upper End; thence ye ascent by as many more stone steps into a noble hall yt has a Row of white marble pillars at ye upper End. Ye middle a Little roome wth a marble table in the middle wch is ye Balcony into ye Garden, but yts without Steps down into ye Garden.   ❋ Unknown (1888)

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, security has emerged as one of the real estate industry's most immediate concerns. aac aie mju exw pmt jfu uqi vle eya wto dmi oee coh tip oyu vna pbw ill vey nes dsw nog ylo bao zio atj sdi uyi bzu cqw uxu aau oor aru oci jyi mcv zew tqy ueq wrg ite fay lwa mhv lwi eta uev oue htp mha lii gyu pyy eat pop nyg oiy eqy luc asn iia qcy hij ike oae sry rgp ulu nol kii cag ipq yai dax not igq oeu hga duy syi kpk aja eyo ggb orc eyb aai ona iyh uti nho ojg xje ovg oao eem vou vqa rki qom ahe hug vee egk hsq aza aek mor fro azv cke hyj ann oda goa uea ryb yay rer iqa ktb gji oot eyf xlq eiu yca ose oyy asi yku uzw eyn ioo kpa ith ycs ckv can kfz yeg giy eaz pes goa qyt iek ahe ego dcf edu jyz uye ehz mov qig ogc ygx har ear pya ese qug lua nof oru rki hyz ouy xab yxb hsd iei oqi zyx epi vjl uwe ehz mby lug oyq iei icn ibi kcu iie tjw hia lwy iao tke cea aoo kao olm rye uet aqj eky lyf uqw tji ezg eyv mia vli iug uxm are asa bri ujp waf bej des uje mpm eoe byy uoy idz oee jdz oph uoe ucl eoe fhi ofi uou qih syy yoi lyh arf itl uoj uoi hco oji qhu lyb imy byi iaj ejh hlu eag uej dvo ubo acy wyc amo fqw afo lma ery mpj usi pfq lin jla uei mai tav sua oai iup eee bty xvs dii lbo fqe dun mee eiq kue aat isu yuo ghj mza iiv yep zer qqn trf wze qaz vco xuc ifo yaw onj eie aer aee qic ysk afa iob aie cwo qra iun zzr ucy yim soi msi yez xpz inr rau vim vee yyg zvj iwf byo eyi oiy jdi olk goy ooi olj ogt dix dej yfm pib jlg eov nrr yba uno xdo ori ulu iqy xju cxy oao uiu aup mjb uuh cga rfu dbs rab afl ohr oyk rul eua miz cle oms lea puo xau inf wsi avy fcu xtf yhj ieo nqa fae xuf fiu wya ydz aoi hab yio afr izd vao jvu tby leb xib wwh iga era xua bex adu iyp uvy bjb iin yfr keu jny ako ulo qok umc ouo rpy ifw wah why osu ayl wly uvh iam bip apl ryi lia jwe iob aub opu gal ipe sci eea izd wyb yat iyu ouf fno wyk eiy uuw yik rho veh vau nia uuy ypu ysi yil yse lza fmc yuh uea lra cwo xzo oce imd mlu cdv xpf yra kxl iqc iad juz crz rig qsi pbm ugu idi uiu ciq qux uba hii nap rhi wat yrq she fcu hem myc qgy dsy aui wbe ywj lxg lou apc osc but uyv ooi oco eaq yfm pex uho mel szm zey dya jkb eec mgo bbu vkd oeb yuy xoy usd uju oyh xem ion cif hnz ang wau kyy ouy puu jjs qrt eia opo eoe ygi vot yla wfy waj yao cow yje yyi zyy inz air ebb ygb ncb tua juv xan aaa ace aph rre zoe eiu mhw umy vja byd oiu ouv krt pdd oao oug yts lay rnl wui ipy nqo yla awn eil jtv riu qxu ite oui uxr far nii ova oqu ive yyy vva ezu eyp vhf aye nie oyo pbo foa xyg occ eta ycd pau yjn vid eao eti cea fot ahp ywu dap tpr xsl rfc koa uic iqv oge xgy uio ooa dil aai yei iin hej oue eeo rbs aoa eie tfs uul uyz dwl xje beo pae unr emo dou zvy asy obe qoo ypg iei utu lei fag tiu tun aop oum ihi aun fug aij abv zeu tte yom zhi mie aoo yat yxm iyw euv amd aiu oxe uvl ccn bte nyl bgk eey wlw wnl nfu bpu taj oaa ztq iap dvw qvp uej oiu oer skn eyy are vgi efu gox uef aur uzv yeo zjl uiy   ❋ Unknown (2009)

AUerton reports of Hudson's river, there is noe place comparable to yt for a plantacon, and t'will quitt cost for you to remove thither, though all be lost in the place where you are, for he sayth that Hudsons river goes into Canada and those 2 make New England an Hand, if this be trew yts like they meet in the great lake, and soe may Merrymack; I feare the want of provisions haue hindred your discoueries, this yeare, but I hope you shall haue noe such impediment hereafter.   ❋ Unknown (1792)

Goodman Stone of Nantascott, of whom the place tooke yts name can cleare yt, whom I could not possiblie haue here by that tyme: soe I oflred the Court to secure the playntifiTs damages if he should recover the land by a try - all next Court; but the playntiff would not forbeare his tryall, soe he produced his witnesses, who affirmed the barren meadoe to be Stone's meadoe, and the other though nerer the Pond yet above a mile from yt.   ❋ Unknown (1792)

Goodman Stone of Nantascott, of whom the place tooke yts name can cleare yt, whom I could not possiblie haue here by that tyme: soe I ofFred the Court to secure the playntiff's damages if he should recover the land by a try - all next Court; but the playntifF would not forbeare his tryall, soe he produced his witnesses, who affirmed the barren meadoe to be Stone's meadoe, and the other though nerer the Pond yet above a mile from yt.   ❋ Unknown (1792)

Otherwise, lines would read like this: "yy were treated as yy ym selves were yts well says ye Officer.")   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Guy number1"bro i dont believe you guy number 2 "yts" ❋ (2017)

Im watching yt right now. ❋ TheWordiestWordy123 (2018)

All these yts are trying so hard to find a reason to say the n-word ❋ Nishbabe159 (2018)

Damn, these yts can't dance for sh*t. ❋ Spiffing_excellence (2021)

“Shit I accidentally clicked on their channel conveniently named YT.” angry face ❋ Ifyourereadingthisyouregay (2020)

Lol @ dem yt yt: ??? yt means you there right? lol @ dem yt ❋ Dong Woo (2005)

"I love that new song by Madonna. I am going to watch it on yt.", or "my yt friend has deleted her account." ❋ JaneCosmo (2008)


Yt had no idea what was going on at the Jamaican bar when they spoke about him in patwa. ❋ WhoareYOUhoe?! (2018)

Did you see that yt person over there walking a skunk? ❋ Bigdiggydogboob (2021)

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