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Definitions of "yummo"

  • Yum; yummy. interjection
  • Yummy; delicious. adjective

The word "yummo" in example sentences

He's dead-on that it's "porky goodness", though the phrase, which he uses just a bit too often, is as grating to my ears as his nemesis 'fave, "yummo".. [SaltShaker]

I'm just thankful I didn't have to type out "yummo" at any point while making this post.. [Hey, It's Free!]

Aisling is kick butt, married to a studly dragon (hello, yummo) and has a cool as beans pooch!. [Countdown to Branded By Fire: 6 days to go!]

One Response on March 18, 2009 at 6: 00 pm | Reply lesliemommy yummo!!!. [Bento #225 « Were rabbits]

Yes | No | Report from KingFisher907 wrote 1 year 2 days ago yummo!. [yall like doritos?]

April 22, 2009 4: 13 AM thereddeer said ... mmmm looks yummo!. [Kugelhopf (aka Gugelhoffen... for Dad!)]

I will be obsessed until I get me some Claim Jumper .... yummo! .... [Dlisted - Be Very Afraid]

Mat - 9.5/10, they really tasted like Ferrero Rocher - yummo!. [Baking Mondays - F is for Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes]

The frosting is yummo and having the secret Oreo on the bottom of the cupcake is great.. [The Red Deer]

Met lots of lovely team HarperCollins folks, and talked books, and ate a yummo lunch at the Green Gate hotel. (thanks, Rupert!). [And in other news ...]

Ingrid said ... thanks for this, i surprised my husband with pancakes this morning for the first time! just couldn't resist trying this recipe! yummo!!! thanks for the awesome recipes!. [Gingerbread pancakes for Shrove Tuesday | Homesick Texan]

I think I could actually make this yummo dish with yogurt in place of the cream.. [Chicken, Potato & Almond Hotdish]

SIMONIAN: I ` m loving the way she said "yummo Thanksgiving.". [CNN Transcript Nov 24, 2009]

Followed you here from PW and man, this pasta looks so yummo…eww, did I just use a Rachael Ray?. [spaghetti with swiss chard and garlic chips | smitten kitchen]

I also remember learning when to flip pancakes at a very young age – all to do with the bubbles… but in Australia, we call these little pancakes “pikelets”, probably an English name for them, being a Commonwealth country, and all… Although pikelets are quite old-fashioned now, and not often seen, I have eaten them spread just with butter, or for a more glam version, jam and cream… yummo!. [blueberry pancakes + pancake 101 | smitten kitchen]

Our friends brought a peanut butter and chocolate dessert which was just yummo!. [Sunday]

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@DaJoklBua yummo


@GregMosse YES. I used to break up a flake and swirls about. Yummo.


This is the sour dough open sandwich with hot smoked salmon, poached egg, salsa verde and crème fraiche singlend_me…


@miblogestublog Using the word Yummo, and not being Rachel Ray should be worth a fine by itself.


Can't you just smell the cinnamon...☺️🥧🍎 Try my best #applepie recipe!! #NationalApplePieDay #yummo #pie #dessert…

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