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Definitions of "behavior"

  • The manner in which one behaves. noun
  • The actions or reactions of a person or animal in response to external or internal stimuli. noun
  • One of these actions or reactions: "a hormone . . . known to directly control sex-specific reproductive and parenting behaviors in a wide variety of vertebrates” ( Thomas Maugh II). noun
  • The manner in which something functions or operates: the faulty behavior of a computer program; the behavior of dying stars. noun
  • Alternative form of behaviour. noun
  • Manner of behaving, whether good or bad; mode of conducting one's self; conduct; deportment; carriage; -- used also of inanimate objects. noun
  • Manner of behaving, whether good or bad; conduct; mode of acting; manners; deportment: sometimes, when used absolutely, implying good breeding or proper deportment. noun
  • Figuratively, the manner in which anything acts or operates. noun
  • The act of representing another person; the manner in which one personates the character of another; representative character. noun
  • In a state of probation; liable to be called to account in case of misconduct. noun
  • Synonyms Carriage, Behavior, Conduct, Deportment, Demeanor, bearing, manner, manners, all denote primarily outward manner or conduct, but naturally are freely extended to internal states or activities. Carriage, the way of carrying one's self, may be mere physical attitude, or it may be personal manners, as expressing states of mind: we speak of a haughty or noble carriage, but not ordinarily of an ignoble, cringing, or base carriage. Behavior is the most general expression of one's mode of acting; it also refers particularly to comparatively conspicuous actions and conduct. Conduct is more applicable to actions viewed as connected into a course of life, especially to actions considered with reference to morality. Deportment is especially behavior in the line of the proprieties or duties of life: as, Mr. Turveydrop was a model of deportment; the scholars' rank depends partly upon their deportment. Demeanor is most used for manners as expressing character; it is a more delicate word than the others, and is generally used in a good sense. We may speak of lofty or gracious carriage; good, bad, wise, foolish, modest, conceited behavior; exemplary conduct; grand, modest, correct deportment; quiet, refined demeanor. noun
  • (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people noun
  • manner of acting or controlling yourself noun
  • (psychology) the aggregate of the responses or reactions or movements made by an organism in any situation noun
  • the action or reaction of something (as a machine or substance) under specified circumstances noun

The word "behavior" in example sentences

One should remember that such diversity in behavior is beneficial when those with particular inclinations criticize another.. [Doubt the Vote, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

When a certain behavior is associated with one group, members of that group may take pains to avoid proving society's generalization.. [Polygamy Meets Economy, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

It also teaches them that certain behavior is not appropriate around others.. [HELP ME MOMMIES!! « Bored Mommy]

This was a dramatic break in behavior from the past 60 years.. [Newt Gingrich Answers Your Questions - Freakonomics Blog -]

People may experience "perceived pressure", where the gods think through the victim that a certain behavior is expected/desirable or telepathically stimulate an individual euphorically ( "magic"), the "fuel" of dysfunction (addiction (the crack epidemic, alcoholism), the desire for homosexual contact, etc.) and compel the individual into the deed.. [This Lesbian Nonsense....]

So the court has now implied that certain behavior is private while other behavior is not.. [Roberts and privacy]

People may experience “perceived pressure”, where the gods think through the victim that a certain behavior is expected/desirable (telepathically stimulate an individual euphorically (“magic”), the “fuel” of disfunction:::: addiction (the crack epidemic), the desire for homosexual contact, etc.) and compel the individual into the deed.. [Blogging on empty « BuzzMachine]

Jeff Frankel speaks for the prosecution. they will do anything for a few votes, even if their behavior is against the national economic and security interests and blatantly inconsistent with things they claim to stand for: small government, free trade, macroeconomic discipline, good neoclassical economics, and so forth.. [Bush on Trial, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Oh, but wait, Iran completely ignoring those two buffoons and actually being further motivated to continue the quest for nukes by their behavior is a fact, so it can be ignored, right?. [Obama wrote letter to N. Korean leader, official says]

This behavior is the end result of lazy, greedy, non-reality-based banking.. [Richard (RJ) Eskow: Automated Greed Factories: How Soulless Banking Is Crushing the Economy]

Their response to my behavior is usually the same:. [Kicking The Dog]

People have the right to say and post very offensive things, but we have a right to also say that their behavior is a disgrace to American values.. [Google apologizes for results of 'Michelle Obama' image search]

Mr. Cheney, your behavior is an embarrassment to this fine country.. [Cheney makes big 2010 prediction]

Clearly, his behavior is a sad, shrill cry for help, much like yours is …. [Think Progress » Forgetting His Attacks On The Netroots, O’Reilly Says Media Are Using ‘Nuts’ To ‘Brand’ Tea Party As ‘Racists]

I use Radarsync for my driver updates and well, I used to use Filehippo for apps but this behavior is a real turnoff.. [RadarSync Keeps Your Programs Up To Date | Lifehacker Australia]

I might add that the proprietor of the shop engaged in this behavior is about to become the Dean of a law school.. [ SD Fla US Attorney's Office Circumventing Court Order]

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