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Definitions of "best"

  • Of the highest quality, excellence, or standing: said of both persons and things in regard to mental, moral, or physical qualities, whether inherent or acquired: as, the best writers and speakers; the best families; the best judgment; the best years of one's life; a house built of the best materials.
  • Of greatest advantage, usefulness, or suitability for the purpose intended; most advantageous, suitable, appropriate, or desirable: as, the best man for the place; the best way to do anything.
  • Most kind, beneficent, or good: applied to persons: as, the best husband imaginable; which of your brothers is best to you?
  • Largest; greatest; most: as, we spent the best part of three days in getting there.
  • The highest possible state of excellence; the best quality or property of a person or thing. noun
  • All that one can do, or show in one's self: often used in this sense with the possessive pronouns my, thy, his, their, etc.: as, I will do my best to advance your interests; she is bent on looking her best; he did all he could to appear at his best in that performance. noun
  • The best. The best people collectively; those of the highest standing in any respect, but especially socially or intellectually. noun
  • The best things, or a thing of the best quality: as, he always buys the best; dressed in one's best. noun
  • Often used in speaking of things or events that are not so good or favorable as was expected or was to be wished: as, to make the best of ill fortune or a bad bargain. noun
  • Specifically, noting a certain grade of wrought-iron, which is generally divided into four grades: crown, best, best best, and best best best or treble best.
  • In the most excellent or most suitable manner; with most advantage or success: as, he who runs best gets the prize; the best-behaved boy in the school; the best-cultivated fields.
  • In or to the highest degree; to the fullest extent; most fully: as, those who know him best speak highly of him; those best informed say so; the best-abused man in town.
  • To get the better of; outdo; surpass.
  • To overreach or outwit: as, to best a client.
  • To defeat in a contest; do better than; beat; hence, in pugilism, to thrash soundly; drub; defeat at fisticuffs.
  • To get the better of. transitive verb
  • Utmost; highest endeavor or state; most nearly perfect thing, or being, or action. noun
  • in the utmost degree or extent applicable to the case; under the most favorable circumstances; as, life is at best very short. noun
  • finally. noun

The word "best" in example sentences

See best toys for newborn to 3-month-old babies,  best toys for babies 4-10 months old, and best toys for babies 9 months to 1 year old for more buying advice.. [Holiday guide: Best toys for babies 1 to 3 years old]

In town, Letebele, Kodumela's driver, dropped me off at CashBuild to get my first of 3 quotations you get 3 and then pick the best prices and best materials.. [Archive 2009-03-01]

In town, Letebele, Kodumela's driver, dropped me off at CashBuild to get my first of 3 quotations you get 3 and then pick the best prices and best materials.. [No Stress]

Honestly, in my heart of hearts, I believe that McPalin at best, * at best* don't care whether or not people at their rallies voice homicidal intentions towards Obama.. [witch burns, film at 11]

We want recipes for this event to be *the best of the best* herb recipes from great cooks.. [A Special Weekend Herb Blogging Event ! Tell Us Your Very Favorite Herb]

This concept of fun should include more than the few dozen people willing to grind their way through an asinine number of hours to become the best of the best*.. [MMOG Nation » The Nature of the Game]

Notwithstanding such an editorship must have resembled the perplexity of Sinbad in the Valley of Diamonds, Mr. Hood's volume is almost unexceptionably good, whatever he may have rejected; and one of the best, if not _the best_, article in the whole work, has been contributed by the editor himself.. [The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 12, No. 340, Supplementary Number (1828)]

Lord Normanby has written one of the best, if not _the best_, of this class of works, the tendency of which is in most instances of questionable character.. [The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 10, No. 289, December 22, 1827]

"I love thee best, O _most best_." and in _King Lear_, Act ii.. [Notes and Queries, Number 47, September 21, 1850]

You have done so well already, Willie, that we think you can best answer your own question; but we should take _all_ of our _best_ pigeons.. [St. Nicholas, Vol. 5, No. 4, February 1878]

She had the kind of character which made gossip impossible with her, so that she always got at the very best her visitors had to give, and the _very best_ of even a shallow girl is often worth something.. [Girls and Women]

One of their merits was the unexpected spontaneity of their humour -- the faculty that is distinctive of some of the best of his _mots_, such as that when looking at Edmund Yates's book-shelves which caused him to pause before one of the volumes and read off "Homer's Iliad," and murmur, "Homer's -- Yes -- _that is the best_.". [The History of "Punch"]

_Heaven was the first best, and freedom was the next best_.. [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus]

Pray take what measures you deem best, and let us have the _best_ officer that we can get.. [The Diamond Coterie]

Cannon Row, and said to the landlord behind the bar, "What is your very best -- the VERY _best_ -- ale a glass?". [Stories of Achievement, Volume IV (of 6) Authors and Journalists]

"I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is, prose = words in their best order; -- poetry = the _best_ words in the best order.". [A Study of Poetry]

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