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A former is a structural member of an aircraft fuselage, of which a typical fuselage has a series from the nose to the empennage, typically perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. The primary purpose of formers is to establish the shape of the fuselage and reduce the column length of stringers to prevent instability. Formers are typically attached to longerons, which support the skin of the aircraft. The Former-and-Longeron technique was adopted from boat construction (also called stations and stringers), and was typical of light aircraft built until the advent of structural skins, such as fiberglass and other composite materials. Many of today's light aircraft, and homebuilt aircraft in particular, are still designed in this way..

What does the word former mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word former in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with former and anagrams of former.

Definitions of "former"

  • One that forms; a maker or creator: a former of ideas. noun
  • A member of a school form: a fifth former. noun
  • Occurring earlier in time. adjective
  • Of, relating to, or taking place in the past. adjective
  • Coming before in place or order; foregoing. adjective
  • Being the first of two mentioned. adjective
  • Having been in the past: a former ambassador. adjective
  • previous adjective
  • first of aforementioned two items. Used with the, often without a noun. adjective
  • Someone who forms something. noun
  • An object used to form something. noun
  • Someone in, or of, a certain form (class). noun
  • Preceding in order of time; antecedent; previous; prior; earlier; hence, ancient; long past. adjective
  • Near the beginning; preceeding. adjective
  • Earlier, as between two things mentioned together; first mentioned. adjective
  • One who forms; a maker; a creator. noun
  • noun
  • A shape around which an article is to be shaped, molded, woven wrapped, pasted, or otherwise constructed. noun
  • A templet, pattern, or gauge by which an article is shaped. noun

The word "former" in example sentences

Or that people with AN just really need to get laid heard that from a former T...that's why she's a *former* T. [Feeding the enemy]

But in this case the article is only cheap with reference to its _former_ price; the so-called cheapness is only our expression for the sensation of contrast between its former and existing prices.. [The Crown of Wild Olive also Munera Pulveris; Pre-Raphaelitism; Aratra Pentelici; The Ethics of the Dust; Fiction, Fair and Foul; The Elements of Drawing]

Spades is giving new salacious meaning to the phrase "former Clinton intern," although -- believe it or not -- Bill was not even involved!. [Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points -- Newt Loses Two, Huntsman Gains An "H"]

Phillips: It goes without saying the end game for the Tea Party movement is a conservative House and a conservative Senate, or as I had a chance to tell some people earlier today, next year at this time we need to see the title former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and former Senator Harry Reid.. [Crooks and Liars]

The former is Greek for universal, the latter means right believing. [Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]]

The former is shorthand for the Employee Free Choice Act, a labor-backed bill in Congress that would enable unions to organize workplaces through signed petitions instead of secret ballot elections.. [Latest news releases on Louisiana Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Louisiana, USA and World News]

The former is short for rock 'n roll and the latter is a semi-derogatory reference to country music.. [Fashion World of SL]

Consider: would you vote for Obama over, say, Vladimir Putin on the grounds that the former is an American citizen (pace those Birther idiots)?. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The “Racist” Charge]

Of course there is: because the former is an actual right, while the latter is a mere preference.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The “Racist” Charge]

And while nothing should justify the latter, the former is another question.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Genetic Evidence Shows Common Origins of Jews]

"Perhaps tellingly," writes Kevin M. Murphy, one of the show's curators, "his frown repeats the arc of the shoe, as if the former is a result of his unrelenting labor on the latter.". [American Portraits of Hard Times]

Certainly in the view of myself (and many others as well) the former is at least as ‘pressing and substantial’.. [Now Even Shoplifters are Terrorists : Law is Cool]

Juan Williams also expressed a "prejudice," but he did not express racism; the former is an attitudinal evaluation connected to feelings, and the latter is a belief in the inherent inferiority of a group.. [David C. Wilson: Juan Williams' Teachable Moment: He Simply Didn't Accept That He Is Prejudiced]

And then there's Alice Rivlin, the 80-year-old Brookings Institution fixture who recently served on President Obama's debt commission and has held so many government posts that she sometimes asks to have the word "former" removed from a few of them when she's being introduced.. [David Walker, the prophet of deficit doom, and his sermon to save America]

Serial Killer: Bad news for both Benford and Noh, as the former is allegedly going to kill the latter in the future.. [‘FlashForward’ Episode 1.10 Recap: ‘A561984′ » MTV Movies Blog]

Obedience training and attack training are entirely different, and only the former is appropriate for a house pet.. [HOME SECURITY BASICS]

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(i). biçimlendirici şey veya kimse.(i). biçimlendirici şey veya kimse.

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  • Pronunciations(fôrˈmər)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation form er for mer


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