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Definitions and meanings of "Lewdness"

What do we mean by lewdness?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word lewdness. Define lewdness, lewdness synonyms, lewdness pronunciation, lewdness translation, English dictionary definition of lewdness.

Lewding is taking any anime character that is seen as attractive and sexualizing it through artwork or memes. Commonly seen with many attractive female characters from manga as well as anime. Urban Dictionary

Not decent; obscene; lustful; unlearned; vile Urban Dictionary

Real definition: 'crude and offensive in a sexual way.' Definition according to people who watch anime: 'anything remotely sexual.' Urban Dictionary

A lewd is a photograph taking by oneself as a tease. Not a full on nude showing your private parts but teasing the receiver of the photograph. A picture of a girl in her underwear is considered a lewd. Urban Dictionary

What anime fans say when they're vaguely uncomfortable with how they're drooling over 14 year old girls Urban Dictionary

Slang for smut or pornography. Urban Dictionary

The act of making something nude. Most likely a loli. Urban Dictionary

To lewd a pre-established sfw character is to draw said character in a nsfw setting or position. Urban Dictionary

A sort of way to imply teasing another person, being open and careless about what you say when it comes to being sexual. Urban Dictionary

The fact of making a roleplay character extremely horny. Urban Dictionary

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The word "lewdness" in example sentences

But alas! this is a way which never takes: for such great ones in all their debauches will be attended upon through thick and thin, and care not for any but a thoroughpaced companion in their vices; since no other can give them any countenance in their lewdness, which is the chief thing they drive at and desire. ❋ 1634-1716 (1823)

On the contrary, I have carefully preserved this and as far as the subject would give me leave, improved it, but with this caution always, that I have set forth the entertainments of vice in their proper colours, lest young people might be led to take them for innocent diversions, and from figures not uncommon in modern authors, learn to call lewdness gallantry, and the effects of unbridled lust the starts of too warm an imagination. ❋ Arthur L. Hayward (N/A)

Incensed by "lewdness," Comstock worked the halls of Congress and in 1873 got passed the "Act of the Suppression of Trade in, and Circulation of, Obscene Literature and Articles of Immoral Use," otherwise known as the Comstock Act. ❋ Unknown (2006)

They are as ready for their cups, for their rotten, obscene, and profane discourse; and, in a word, for all kind of lewdness; as if the preacher had not reproved their vice, but produced new arguments to encourage it; and exhorted them to persevere diligently in those blessed paths, in which they are sure to have the Devil for their leader, and their lust for their companion. ❋ 1634-1716 (1823)

When we see so many revolt from the profession of the reformed religion, to the corruptions and superstitions of Rome; and others, from a religious and sober life, to plunge themselves into all kind of lewdness and debauchery, and, it is to be feared, into atheism and infidelity; can we doubt any longer whether it be possible for ❋ 1630-1694 (1820)

The owners of the store are obviously free to ask him, in his "lewdness", to leave and not come back, but to attack him with the bludgeon of government is wrong. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The campus experienced two earlier instances of "lewdness" last weekend, which was Princeton's first admitted students 'weekend of the year. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Isn't your name a byword in London for debauchery and vice, for every kind of lewdness and depravity? " ❋ Fraser, George MacDonald, 1925- (1977)

"Every kind of lewdness, every form of evil; no justice, no restraint. ❋ Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton (1838)

Likewise, "lewdness" ( "zimmâh / zammâh," H2154), as in "they have committed lewdness and folly in Israel" (20: 6), is used more in a sexual sense than for any other type of sin (Lv. 18: 17; 19: 29; 20: 14; Jer. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I understand, you find the whole area of modern obscenity/pornography/lewdness law so emotional but it is based on the idea that this judgment is, in fact, situational. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I had hoped he would open my heart and I would feel that sense of belonging, of which I know myself to be capable, but there is only empty formality and, occasionally, lewdness. ❋ Priya Parmar (2011)

Her breath catches at the feel of the cheap silk lewdness between her fingers. ❋ Dallas Woodburn (2011)

In an effort to find something new and honest to say, untalented writers merely resorted to vulgarity and rancid lewdness. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Ms. Nakadate's indulgent takes on the lewdness of older men around younger women are likewise refreshing. ❋ Richard B. Woodward (2011)

Plus you must close your eyes to avoid seeing the lewdness of the act. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Biolawguy: This news article seems to describe the use of an adultery statute as a way to provide “extra” punishment for public lewdness ... ❋ Unknown (2010)

This news article seems to describe the use of an adultery statute as a way to provide “extra” punishment for public lewdness ... ❋ Unknown (2010)

"Man look at this hot [raphtalia] fanart I made." "Bro she's 13 wtf [lewding] that's just wrong." *BAM BAM* "[FBI OPEN UP]!" ❋ ThAtOn_eGuy (2019)

You lewd [urchin]! ❋ Larstait (2003)

'nO [leWd] aLlOWeD' ❋ BigLadIzaac (2020)

"Omg, Tom, did you see [Jessica's] [leaked] [lewds]?" "Yeah, dude! Her bra is so sexy." ❋ Cryinggold (2015)

"that [picture] is [lewd]" ❋ Miss Of Arc (2014)

Looks like James is going to post some [lewds] tonight on his [page]. Hey, check out these [kinky] lewds! ❋ BriTheThighGoddess (2016)

[Ravioli Ravioli], he [lewded] the dragon [loli]! ❋ Girls_Like_Girls_Like_Boys_Do (2018)

Dude i love [lewds] of [lolis]. Ugh thats [illegal] dude! ❋ Protojay (2019)

Person 1: You are so [lewd] Person 2: [Hehe] [I know] :3 ❋ Angelbun666 (2020)

[Cat Girls] / Nekos are often subject to [lewding]. Most of the Internet does not seem to understand that they can be [wholesome] and are not just playthings for you to stick your...stick into. ❋ Someone Who Kinda Exists (2021)

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