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A political moderate is a person in the center category of the left–right political spectrum. .

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Definitions of "moderate"

  • Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme: a moderate price. adjective
  • Not violent or subject to extremes; mild or calm; temperate: a moderate climate. adjective
  • Of medium or average quantity or extent. adjective
  • Of limited or average quality; mediocre. adjective
  • Opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, especially in politics or religion. adjective
  • One who holds or champions moderate views or opinions, especially in politics or religion. noun
  • To lessen the violence, severity, or extremeness of. verb-transitive
  • To preside over: She was chosen to moderate the convention. verb-transitive
  • To become less violent, severe, or extreme; abate. verb-intransitive
  • To act as a moderator. verb-intransitive
  • Not excessive; acting in moderation adjective
  • Mediocre adjective
  • Average priced; standard-deal adjective
  • Having an intermediate position between liberal and conservative. adjective
  • One who holds an intermediate position between the extremes relevant in a political context noun
  • Similar middle-grounder in any other context. noun
  • To reduce the excessiveness of (something) verb
  • To become less excessive verb
  • To preside over (something) as a moderator verb

The word "moderate" in example sentences

The language of everyday conversation, when not marked by intensity of feeling or purpose, requires only a moderate amount of physical and mental energy and is expressed by _moderate force_.. [The Ontario High School Reader]

Whatever it may do in this way, in men, in women it is sure, unless prevented by age or by salutary ugliness, to produce a moderate, and a _very moderate_, portion of chastity.. [Advice to Young Men And (Incidentally) to Young Women in the Middle and Higher Ranks of Life. In a Series of Letters, Addressed to a Youth, a Bachelor, a Lover, a Husband, a Father, a Citizen, or a Subject.]

Optimists say it need not be a reprise of Iran; that it could look more like Turkey; that the term "moderate Islamist" isn't an oxymoron, at least in a relative sense.. [Why Islamists Are Winning]

Clearly, the use of the term moderate here is meant as a compliment.. [A Symposium: What Is Moderate Islam?]

The term moderate is all relative; a winner needs to be close to where the electorate see themselves.. [Smoking Guns and the Morality of Parliamentary Privilege]

Many devout Muslims dislike the term moderate, too, saying it suggests deviation from the tenets of the Quran.. [Burning a Bridge Between Faiths]

"I would use the term moderate more for the weather than Islam," said Ayaan Hirsi Ali,. [Burning a Bridge Between Faiths]

The term moderate Muslims may include those who aren't religiously observant, and thus offend those Muslims who are.. [Homeland Security Newspeak]

And it's why the term moderate is meaningless when applied to Muslims in the West.. [The Jawa Report]

In March 2005, when Mathias received an award from the Maryland Sen.te, state archivist Edward Papenfuse told the Sen.te that as a Republican in a Democratic state, "Sen. Mathias wore the label moderate Republican with pride and to great effect.". [Latest Headlines - ABC 7 News]

Since the world likes to use the term moderate when comparing one terrorist faction with the more extreme fundamentalist groups, let's do a comparison.. [MyLinkVault Newest Links]

For such people, myself included, I believe that the label moderate liberal best reflects our centrist, moderate positions on economic issues, and our more liberal positions on social issues. progressive conservative and moderate liberal best characterizes the majority of our country.. [Irving Wladawsky-Berger]

December 8th, 2009 11: 16 am ET to call Ben Nelson a moderate is a fantasy.. [Abortion once again roils health care debate]

In Utah, Republican Sen. Bob Bennett, who no one would call a moderate, is fighting for his political life because he may not be conservative enough.. [More Moderate vs. Conservative GOP battles ahead]

He spoke optimistically about what he called a moderate economic recovery, and said the fact that the U.S. can still sell its debt at low interest rates is a reflection of the international community's confidence in the nation's economic strength.. [Geithner Refuses To Say Whether He'd Be Happy With Warren Leading Consumer Agency]

His name is Henri Falcon, and as governor of the western state of Lara, he has sought to carve out space for what he calls moderate leftists seeking an alternative to Chavez.. [Leftist Venezuelan politician Henri Falcon challenges Chavez's authority]

Moderate Translates

TurkishModerate English to Turkish Translate
s., i. ılımlı, mutedil; orta, ikisi ortası; i. ılımlı kimse. moderately z. mutedil olarak, ılımlı olarak; az çok. moderateness i. ılımlılık.s., i. ılımlı, mutedil; orta, ikisi ortası; i. ılımlı kimse. moderately z. mutedil olarak, ılımlı olarak; az çok. moderateness i. ılımlılık.

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#Environment - Australian data shows that sea breezes & areas of green trees help moderate the effects of extremely…


Prelim AQI at 09:00 (21201): PM2.5=62 (Moderate) O₃=1 (Good) #mdwx


Ang cool nung Teen Titans sa Netflix, medyo bloody lang ng slight to moderate 😅 I mean, its not your usual superhero series.

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