Definitions and meanings of "Services"

What do we mean by services?

An act of being of assistance to someone.

The practice of providing such a service as economic activity.

A department in a company, an organization, a government department, etc.

A function that is provided by one program or machine for another.

The state of being subordinate to or employed by an individual or group

The military.

A set of dishes or utensils.

The act of initially starting, or serving, the ball in play in tennis, volleyball, and other games.

A religious rite or ritual.

The serving, or delivery, of a summons or writ.

(Israel, West Bank, also in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) A taxi shared among unrelated passengers, each of whom pays part of the fare; often, it has a fixed route between cities.

A musical composition for use in churches.

Profession of respect; acknowledgment of duty owed.

The materials used for serving a rope, etc., such as spun yarn and small lines.

The act of pleasuring your partner sexually with little to no reciprocation. All attention and pleasure is devoted to the person being serviced, as opposed to it being more of a give/take situation. This term is more common in the LGBT community, and is often favored by more submissive partners who enjoy pleasuring others more than receiving.  Urban Dictionary

1.To fuck. Originating from the horse breeding industry where "service" is a euphemism for bringing the stud to mount the mare. Same as tupping in sheep breeding. 2. To have sex with a mardy bitch to keep her happy, as in a mechanic servicing a car to keep it running smoothly.  Urban Dictionary

My cell phone plan.  Urban Dictionary

To have sex with a female  Urban Dictionary

The act of giving special attention to someone's cock.  Urban Dictionary

V. performing any of a multitude of sex acts  Urban Dictionary

An individual that provides any form of sexual gratification for another.  Urban Dictionary

In video games, or anything that uses multiple servers; something that pertains specifically to or varies from server to server  Urban Dictionary

The inevitable status of the Steel Town public transit system after you've accidentally blown all your cash in Hess Village and all you've got to barter with is your suddenly worthless University Student ID Bus Pass causing girls to either a)sweet talk a cab driver, b)whoreishly hook-up or c)stumble more than 20km across downtown Hamilton to Westdale through the snow in stilettos and in all too few items of clothing.  Urban Dictionary

To have your dick blown, till you nut down a girls throat.  Urban Dictionary

The word "services" in example sentences

How to use services in a sentence? Example sentences with the services, a sentence example for services, and how to make services in sample sentence, how do I use the word services in a sentence? How do you spell services in a sentence?

Committee Chairman Henry Waxman and subcommittee Chairman John Tierney asked Weightman to testify about an internal memo that showed privatization of services at Walter Reed could put “patient care services… at risk of mission failure.” ❋ Unknown (2007)

Society is the total of the forced or voluntary services which men perform for each other; that is to say, of _public services_ and ❋ Fr��d��ric Bastiat (1825)

Now, let one country buy of another at wholesale to sell again at retail, or at retail to sell again at wholesale, it will always be found, if the matter is followed out to the end, that _commerce consists of mutual barter of products for products, of services for services_. ❋ Fr��d��ric Bastiat (1825)

Transfer pricing, or the way companies ferry assets such as intellectual property and services between tax jurisdictions and set a price for these ­services, is one of HMRC's biggest bugbears with business. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The following table presents revenues for groups of similar services (in thousands): Years Ended December 31, 2002 2003 2004 Marketing services* $745,126 ❋ Unknown (2009)

You will be responsible for: * Managing the services solutions including any business impact and criticality of services* Managing the quality and ... ❋ Unknown (2009)

Support services ­suffered the most warnings at 22, followed by media with 13, industrial engineering and software and computer ­services with 10 each, then general financial with nine. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The twin services is the natural evolution of social networks, whose myriad features do not extend beyond PCs, Guericke says. ❋ Unknown (2008)

In an era when trade in services is expanding, we need to further facilitate the travel of business professionals across the border. ❋ Unknown (2003)

The most significant development in services is the rise of interest rate and currency swaps. ❋ Unknown (1986)

I also wanted to note that of course OAuth does not directly prevent phishing it stop the bad educating of people that giving out your password to other services is an OK thing to do. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The person needing the services is the expert in their own life and determines their own politics. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And the price we pay for their services is a heck of a lot less than what they would charge a corporation for their time in private practice. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Unlike DCMX and DCMX Gold, DCMX mini users are not issued with a plastic credit card, but the services is all based around wallet phones. ❋ Jan Kuczynski (2006)

Mom and dad commandeering my services is another matter. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Bank for their services is a charge for a Safe Deposit box we maintain at a branch in the U.S. and a $2.00 ATM withdrawal fee, for each withdrawal. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Aggressive promotion and sale of our title services ❋ Unknown (2010)

So that could be potentially discount, that could be potentially eating our own dog food and this concept of what I call services software, turning those one-off services that we do for a customer into reusable services that we can sell to other customers like that company. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Are you into servicing? I'd [love to] give you a [massage], [go down on] you, and whatever else you want. ❋ LinGo727 (2017)

From the 'The Talented Mr Ripley': Dick [Greenleaf] ([Jude Law]) on a boat trip: "Marge needs a service" - winks at his mates and proceeds [below deck] and give his sulky bird a good seeing to. ❋ Silkpouch (2007)

[Qwest] [wireless] customer: "Damn it, I pay $40 a month for this [piece of crap], and it has no service!!" ❋ BLAM (2004)

[Tell me] [you wouldn't] [service] that. ❋ Ratfacemcjammyjont (2006)

Bitch, [I didn't] want you to just [jerk it]. [My dick] needs serviced! ❋ Denis Baldwin (2004)

[The San Diego] hos were lining [the docks] and ready to service the sailors who were returning to shore after six months [at sea]. ❋ Richard Black (2005)

If you want some ball tightening head, Call Rachel. She is an oral [servicer]. [My hole] needs a servicer tonight. I need a hand servicer to [bust this] heavy nut. Ray needs a servicer for his ass. He’s a bottom boy. ❋ Eaton Holgoode (2018)

"YO [DOOD], why is my knife a chicken is this server and [a penguin] in the other" "Its [servical], n00b" ❋ Robo-Christ (2007)

Shit! [I'm so drunk], I'm lost downtown and I got no [mo-mo]! I called the bus but there's [NO SERVICE]! We're gonna be raped on the way home for sure! ❋ JennyJumps (2004)

[Dogg]!!!!!! [Your mom] serviced [my dick] last night in your room! ❋ D Money (2004)

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