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There is a misunderstanding about the meaning of the word soporific and when Thompson explains it to McDonald they both enjoy a laugh, at themselves mostly, they let go a little, and it is one of the most human and intimate moments in the film up until that point.. []

Could anyone ever consider terrific a delivery best called soporific?. [Think Progress » Bartlett Blasts Woodward, Claims He ‘Formulated Some Conclusions’ Before He Began New Book]

It may be remembered that Archibald, in what we may term his soporific period, had manifested a strong, although entirely irrational, repugnance to this east chamber.. [Archibald Malmaison]

The first half could best be described as soporific, the encounter displaying all the characteristics of a scrap that had the spectre of relegation very much at the banquet.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

"soporific" -- and in explaining Santayana's eventual road to prestige. [Dan Miller: "Harvard, We Have a Problem"]

It was part of the reason that my vocabulary at age three included the word 'soporific'.. [The Man At The End Of The Bed]

The best I can say about the first half of the performance is that I don't often get to use the word "soporific" in casual conversation.. [Baltimore Fiddle Fair]

While he quarreled with descriptions of his speaking style as "soporific," Kerry tacitly acknowledged that he failed to connect with enough voters on a personal level.. ['I'M GOING TO LEARN']

How about it Rudy - buy me a pastrami sandwich for every time I call a Romney speech "soporific"?. ["A License to Blog?"]

I will, however, agree that the June/July issue is somewhat "soporific" as Cheney and DeNiro called it.. [Larry Niven and... Ambiguity?]

I slept like a top, so soundly indeed that I think there was some kind of soporific in the pick-me-up which looked like sherry, especially as the others who had drunk of it also passed an excellent night.. [She and Allan]

Do they need the church simply as a kind of soporific or tranquillizer?. [Phoenix Preacher]

So terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific" tristank. [TechNet Blogs]

"My ex-boyfriend gengineered some kind of soporific that he applied to my skin but it's activated only when I perspire.. [Flinx's Folly]

The opening chapters, based apparently on the author's PhD thesis about diplomacy in the nineteenth century, are pretty dull, even soporific.. [Linkspam for 24-9-2009]

He introduces two female dancers, Silvina Cortés and Olga Cobos, who dip and skim in diaphanous shifts, and although crafted with typical Maliphant precision, this new material is inconsequential and ultimately soporific.. [Russell Maliphant company]

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