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A surrogate is a substitute or deputy for another person in a specific role and .

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Definitions of "surrogate"

  • One that takes the place of another; a substitute. noun
  • A person or animal that functions as a substitute for another, as in a social or family role. noun
  • A surrogate mother. noun
  • Psychology A figure of authority who takes the place of the father or mother in a person's unconscious or emotional life. noun
  • Law A judge in New York and some other states having jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the settlement of estates. noun
  • Substitute. adjective
  • To put in the place of another, especially as a successor; replace. verb-transitive
  • To appoint (another) as a replacement for oneself. verb-transitive
  • A substitute (usually of a person, position or role). noun
  • A person or animal that acts as a substitute for the social or pastoral role of another, such as a surrogate mother. noun
  • A deputy for a bishop in granting licences for marriage. noun
  • : A judicial officer of limited jurisdiction, who administers matters of probate and intestate succession and, in some cases, adoptions. noun
  • A surrogate or surrogate key is a unique identifier for either an entity in the modeled world or an object in the database. noun
  • Any of a range of Unicode codepoints which are used in pairs in UTF-16 to represent characters beyond the Basic Multilingual Plane. noun
  • Of, concerning, relating to or acting as a substitute. adjective
  • To replace or substitute something with something else; appoint a successor. verb
  • A deputy; a delegate; a substitute. noun
  • The deputy of an ecclesiastical judge, most commonly of a bishop or his chancellor, especially a deputy who grants marriage licenses. noun
  • In some States of the United States, an officer who presides over the probate of wills and testaments and yield the settlement of estates. noun

The word "surrogate" in example sentences

Surely, inflation will continue in this future, and a surrogate is an infinitely more complex piece of technology than is, say, an iPod, iPhone, or the best available laptop.. [A new day, a new digest, a new blog title.]

Any evidence on health benefits is limited to improvements in surrogate measures and risk factors or to “soft” outcomes like quality of life.. [Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Is Weight-Loss Advice Unethical?]

A surrogate is a remotely controlled android, that's the personification of vanity, and acts as both a reflection of the user's ego and aspirations.. [Getting Graphic: "The Surrogates" by Robert Vendetti & Brett Weldele]

After Greer's surrogate is destroyed and he gets his first taste of real life in years, he realizes just how detached people are from the world around them, most notably his wife.. [Getting Graphic: "The Surrogates" by Robert Vendetti & Brett Weldele]

Her husband, Peter, has decided that he'd like to have a baby, and the family's first choice for a surrogate is none other than Cannie's flamboyant kid sister.. [Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner: Book summary]

In fact, given the way her surrogate is hijacked, one of them spends significant time in the film being literally controlled by men.. [Surrogates » DVDs Worth Watching]

Although she touts her work as a McCain surrogate during his presidential run, she was sidelined by his advisors after repeated gaffes that presaged ones she has made in this campaign.. [POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: April 7, 2010]

Frank Keating, the former governor of Oklahoma and a McCain surrogate went on television this week and played the race card, saying Obama should own up to the fact that he was once a "guy of the street" who used cocaine.. [2008 Election]

Waldby says it costs the western couples around $15,000 or $20,000 for an Indian surrogate, whereas they would pay around $100,000 for a surrogate from the US.. [Outsourcing Baby Making]

It seems rich (and not elite rich) that his surrogate is making these claims about Obama.. [Blitzer: Was Obama taking aim at McCain's age?]

What does amount to? asked Sen. Jon Kyl, a McCain surrogate ...... [McCain ignores Iraq troop level debate, attacks Obama]

We first noted this a couple of months ago when a lesser McCain surrogate ham-fistedly made the comparison of Obama to the hated Tiger Woods in pumping up the sad spectacle of the GOP's “champion” .... [The Post In Which Karl Rove Channels Hall & Oates' Hit Single “Out Of Touch”]

The temptation might be to laugh off the commercials, as McCain surrogate Senator Joseph Lieberman advised “young” Mr. Obama on a Sunday television show.. [For Obama, Challenge Is Getting Through - The Caucus Blog -]

Any chance that any McCain surrogate will actually provide truthful answers about lobbyists?. [Sunday Talk Shows Open Thread]

The Ayers/Wright stuff I hear several times every day on cable news, which is unavoidable because for a while every McCain surrogate in the country mentioned it several times per interview.. [A Closed Theory Case Study]

Nicole Wallace, lead McCain surrogate, with nothing to offer but astroturf.. [Balloon Juice » 2008 » October]

Surrogate Translates

TurkishSurrogate English to Turkish Translate
i., f. naip, vekil; yerine geçen kimse veya şey; özellikle evlenme izinnamelerini veren memur; huk. vasiyetname şartlarını yerine getirmeye memur kimse; f. vekil tayin etmek.i., f. naip, vekil; yerine geçen kimse veya şey; özellikle evlenme izinnamelerini veren memur; huk. vasiyetname şartlarını yerine getirmeye memur kimse; f. vekil tayin etmek.

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@mtracey: Tulsi Gabbard: - Prominent surrogate for Bernie 2016 campaign - Early co-sponsor of Medicare for All - Early co-sponsor of le…


Or I’ll just become a surrogate ??


Conditional deep surrogate models for stochastic, high-dimensional, and multi-fidelity systems.

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I’m a Surrogate | My Life ★
I’m a Surrogate | My Life ★
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The Process of Surrogate
Surrogate learns one of the 'twins' she was carrying is her biological child
Surrogate learns one of the 'twins' she was carrying is her biological child

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surrogate image
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  • Pronunciations(sûrˈə-gĭt, -gātˌ, sŭrˈ-)
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation sur ro gate


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