Definitions of "Real"

Really; truly; very; quite.

The big-eyed herring, or saury, Elops sauras. noun

A subsidiary silver coin and money of account in Spain and Spanish-American countries. noun

The current real of Spain (real de vellon) is one quarter of the peseta or franc, and worth about 5 United States cents. The Mexican real, corresponding to the old Spanish real de plata, is one eighth of a dollar (Mexican peso), and reckoned at 12½ cents The latter coin, both Spanish and Mexican, circulated largely in the United States down to about 1850, being called a Spanish or Mexican shilling in New York, a levy (see levy, 1) in the South, etc. noun

In mathematics, involving no unit for number but the primitive unit, 1.

In geometry, appearing in a finite figure. For instance, any two coplanar circles oC and oA are said to intersect, but their intersection-points are real only if .

In optics, opposed to virtual: as, a real image, one formed by the actual convergence of waves brought to a focus by an optical system, as distinguished from the virtual image formed where the geometrical extensions of a group of rays meet.

In mathematics, a real number. noun

Royal; regal; royally excellent or splendid.

Actual; genuine; true; authentic; not imaginary, artificial, counterfeit, or factitious: as, real lace.

Of genuine character; not pretended or pretending; unassumed or unassuming.

Specifically, in philosophy, existing in or pertaining to things, and not words or thought merely; being independent of any person's thought about the subject; possessing characters independently of the attribution of them by any individual mind or any number of minds; not resulting from the mind's action: opposed to imaginary or intentional.

The word "Real" in example sentences

But the underlying conceptualization is still Keynesian, meaning that consumption and investment functions are real, except for some randomness, and not based directly and explicitly on individual actors' decisions based on *perceived* wealth -- which may be very different from *real* wealth because of a lack of proper asset pricing models stabilizing asset valuations around equilibrium market prices. In Defense of Macroeconomists, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

It really hit me that these are * real* people, not the faux populists dished up by the GOP - real people of intelligence and substance. Tell Us Your Election Night Experiences...

Thus a detailed study of works of literature and their represented objects could serve to explicate the purely intentional mode of being, with a view to contrasting this with the real mode of being and ultimately demonstrating that it is impossible to reduce the ˜real world™ to the status of a purely intentional creation. Roman Ingarden

Thus the realism/idealism controversy can be reconfigured as the controversy over whether the so-called ˜real world™ has the real or purely intentional mode of being. Roman Ingarden

Of course the strategy of the novel is that it makes the northern fantasy land much more real, more detailed and more interesting, than the �real� reality of the American college town where the action takes place. Mark Thwaite interviews Peter Davidson

And success in real life is often much, much more satisfying, because it relies on *real* ability. No Surrender

You are very much a _man_, my Conway; a real, _real_ man, and I love you! Triplanetary

There was not the slightest doubt that all its shirring was of real, _real_ silk! In Old Kentucky

You must realize that you -- the _real_ You -- are not only existent, and real, but that you are in touch with all else that is real, and that the roots of your being are grounded in the Absolute itself. A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga

And, as a fact, we do not know that real musicians, _real_ Master Hugues of Saxe-Gotha and Hortus Vitae Essays on the Gardening of Life

Or, perhaps, "You see they have sent me back to the Base after six weeks under fire, and now I have a real, _real_ room, and a real, _real_ bed!" The Drama Of Three Hundred & Sixty-Five Days Scenes In The Great War

Whether he had any real regard for Adela, I could not quite satisfy myself -- I mean _real_ by the standard and on the scale of his own being; for of course, as compared with the love of men like the Adela Cathcart, Volume 2

But what are our real wants -- our _wants_, not our _desires_ -- our _real_ wants, not those that are artificial and imaginary? Thoughts on Missions

And (turning to Miss Burrage) eight and twenty, you know, ma'am, is really nothing for any lace you'd wear; but more particularly for real Valenciennes, which can scarce be had _real_, for love or money, since the French Revolution. Tales and Novels — Volume 01

* That* is what the father of our country fought against. george washington had possession of one of king solomons scrolls. thats the only reason why he was successful. he used gods power to make a country that would bring to power the anti-christ, the only real goal of any * real* freemason. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

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